Filming In Paris: Days 3 & 4

DAY 3:

Yesterday was Day 3, this morning as I write this it’s starting Day 4. I was too tired last night to write a blog when I got home from the day; and I wanted to go out with everyone after we finished. We went to have a drink near the studio first and had a great time sitting outside enjoying the evening. Then 5 of us when on to a wonderful restaurant named K. Aurelie laughed at me for getting a hamburger she said I really need to try more “french food” instead of sushi and hamburgers….but it was a delicious burger I must admit. (I think I needed some iron too!)

I can’t write much since I need to get showered and head to the metro soon; but one quick thought I wanted to share. I was on the metro yesterday having the best time observing people and getting used to learning my new route and the subway in Paris. I came up above ground to an incredible view and as I crossed the bridge I though, “wow, usually one of my least favorite parts of the day, the commute the subway, etc in NYC, was one of my favorite parts of the day in Boulogne”. I was fully engaged on my way to work partly because I had to be and partly because it was such a new wonderful experience.

I often talk about the transitions being the most important part of a yoga practice, moving in and out of a pose is almost more important than the pose itself. I felt that yesterday morning on my commute and I vow to not take my in betweens in NYC for granted. Instead of rushing from place to place or having my head buried in my blackberry, I want to observe and be present, make eye contact with my fellow New Yorkers and enjoy the ride as much as the destination no matter where I’m at.

I had to take a picture of this dog on my way home to my apartment he is just so cute and part of my experience of slowing down and discovering things along the way. And, I left my camera at K so I couldn’t upload all my fun pics from yesterday. Aurelie saved the camera and is bringing it to me today.


DAY 4:

I had another wonderful day! I am just loving my job and being here in Boulonge, meeting new friends, and hanging out with all of my amazing French colleagues.

Guillaume gave me one of his delicious nectarines yesterday at lunch, many of them have shared their coffee satchels with me so I can have a pick me up during the day, Olivier, the wonderful director, takes great care of me on set. I especially love how he clips my head piece to my head with the little barrettes-he’s got a knack for it! Lucie, Hadi, Marine, Guillame all of the camera operators are so kind, patient and fun. I love how Hadi is always humming a little tune. Lucie and Guillame mime me doing my yoga poses and they are hilarious!

Akil, the translator on set is from New York and lives in Paris now. He has gone above and beyond to take care of me and help with everything on the production. He’s hooked me up with energy bars, some cool drink mix like emergen C but French style and he’s helped me communicate with everyone.

Of course Aurelie, is just amazing and helpful in all aspects of the job. She really organizes the team well and makes everyone feel like family. Thierry, the owner of the company, is so professional and kind and I have so much respect for him and everything that he has created–it’s just brilliant.

I read in Liz’s Aligno post today that Steve Jobs (so sad he has passed) said he asked himself every morning as he looked in the mirror: “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” He goes on to say that, “whenever the answer has been ‘no’ for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.” I can say right now that there is not a thing in my life I would change (besides just having my husband and rest of my family here with me too!).

My niece just arrived to spend the weekend with me I’m so excited! She just started school in London so she took the Eurostar to Paris.

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