Father’s Day Gifts for Every Dad!

Dad’s can be some of the most difficult people to buy gifts for as they often don’t wear their hearts on their sleeve or express many of their desires. Here are a few gift ideas to stir up the hum drum same old tie every year cycle.

Some studies say that babies closely resemble their fathers as an evolutionary trait to prove paternity and create a fatherly bond to assist in child rearing. Other studies suggest this is folklore and that babies take on parents’  traits equally. Either way paternal interest is an intriguing topic for dad’s and spearheads this next gift as one of the coolest gifts for the dad who has everything. Ancestry.com offers a DNA kit to trace your roots across 26 different regions/ethnicities, giving you a clearer picture of your origins and is fun, factual information to pass down through the different generations. All it takes is $99,  a simple saliva sample and 6-8 weeks of patience to learn about your familial background. A neat talking point and a fun project for father and son to research together over the years, plan future trips around and bond over.

Techie and Fit dad’s unite over the cool factor of this next gift. Under Armor paired up with JBL engineering to deliver awesome bluetooth headphones that are quality in sound and function. Features like sweat/water resistance and Twistlock technology appeal to the fit dads; and bluetooth and premium sound appeal to the tech dads. Both will appreciate the comfort of the flexsoft finish. Either dad is sure to be happy with this gift; it’s been the most popular gift I’ve found in a long time, $180 well spent. IMG_5704
For the dad’s who like a little bit of pampering, I’d suggest Indie Lee Skincare products. Tim really likes (and I secretly sneak a little too) the Calendula Eye balm, Squalene facial oil and CoQ10 toner. These products keep him looking his youthful best and protect against the roughness of the daily razor.

Practicality and fitness play a large part in the lives of many of the men that surround me, and I would guess many of the dad’s in your life as well. Pony up to his practical side with a small gift basket pairing everyday things like a new Stainless steel Blender bottle (goodbye smelly protein shaker) Chef’s Cut real jerky (a company started based on a tradition passed down from Chef Blair’s own father) and a super soft t-shirt (softness matters for our tough exterior men) from Pistol Lake.    IMG_4645

At a recent event for West Marine I had the opportunity to check out their newest SUP (stand-up paddle board) products and I thought the inflatable paddle board would make an awesome gift for my brother. It is lightweight, folds completely into it’s own storage backpack and inflates in minutes. Some airlines are even allowing inflatable SUP’s as your free carry-on item now, so talk about major travel-ability. One of the more expensive items on my list, luckily they do carry a range of prices to fit your budget.  IMG_5122

Dad is an important man. Show him he matters by putting a little thought into this year’s Father’s day gifts. I can’t promise he will show it; but I am sure he will appreciate it! What are some of your favorite Father’s Day gift ideas?


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