Fashionable Fitness Accessories

As you may have noticed, the fitness world and the fashion world are experiencing a lot of crossover these days. Thanks to this there is a whole world of hip new accessories.

Motivate Wrap_stronger than yesterday With the advent of Pinterest, we now have access to inspirational quotes at our fingertips. Those little words are so noteworthy in the comfort of your living room, but so easily forgotten 30 seconds into a killer plank series. Amy tore those words from your screen and put them on your wrist by creating Designs That Move You. Her wrap bracelets, shoelaces and other accessories feature customizable phrases to help push you during your time of need. Just a peek down at your wrist during push-ups or at your toes during that Sunday long run and you have the words you need to get your through. Did I mention they look cute too?

tiffany_grey_fitbit_bracelet__33331.1438295343.500.659 Let’s face it. Fitness trackers don’t look so great outside of the gym. They stand out like a sore thumb and take away from any well conceived outfit, diminishing the pride of any true fashionista. Tory Burch solved this problem with her beautiful designer bracelets, however they come with a pricetag to match. In pops FUNKtional Wearables to the rescue. With a huge variety of designs even including belts, headbands and unisex cuffs at an affordable price point. The designs are trendy and unique. They also cater to a multitude of tracking devices, not just limited to the FitBit, so wearers rejoice! You can track your steps and look good too!

hip appeal Fanny packs aren’t just for tourists anymore!  The fanny pack made a comeback in 2014 being featured on the runways of Chanel as a “sporty chic” look.  I don’t expect you to come to class rockin a couture waistbag. You can however, rock one of these functional belts from Hip Appeal. Designed to look less fanny pack and more roll-over yoga pants, these little spandex wonders hide keys, credit cards and cash, discretely and easily accessible. They have a few different designs, soon to include a beach sarong.

driftupdatebottomlutzka If outdoor adventure workouts are your style, take a look at these hip sunnies from Nectar. They have a stellar variety of shades to protect your peepers. Designed by a group of active friends they are perfect for wearing while standup paddle boarding, hiking or lounging by the pool after a tough workout. If you’re anything like me and lose your sunglasses all the time, these are so affordable you won’t feel too guilty and can stock up on a ton of them!

violet love There is so much I love about Violet Love headbands. They are taking the fitness fashion world by storm. They have a thick, no slip design, funky patterns and most importantly: won’t cause a headache. Not only are they cute and functional but they follow green practices, which makes them a winner in my book. They have designs for men and children also.

Socks Of course, I can’t forget about the tootsies. You aren’t a true fashionista unless your outfit is coordinated from head to toe. Most of my workouts are done without shoes, so that means my socks are just as important. I love these cute designs from Target.

What are some of your favorite workout accessories? I’d love to have more ideas so leave your comments below!




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