FAGE Total Split Cup Yogurt

**This post is sponsored by FAGE, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.**

If I had to choose one food to survive on, I would probably choose yogurt! I LOVE yogurt; but not just any yogurt, I’m talking about FAGE’s creamy, thick, all-natural greek yogurt. I discovered FAGE years ago and it soon became my go-to breakfast, snack, and dessert of choice.

When I choose a snack or meal, it has to give me energy and keep me fueled for all of my busy activities. FAGE Total 2% Split Cup Greek yogurt is high in protein and all-natural. I also love the FAGE Total Plain! My husband jokes about my repeat breakfast of FAGE Total 2% plain yogurt with berries, flax, walnuts and a dash of cinnamon on top. I could eat it every morning and be so happy.

Fage Total Split Cup

I love the FAGE TruBlend yogurts for dessert, too. And whenever I need a quick snack or breakfast on the go, I grab a FAGE Total 2% Split Cup. FAGE Total Split Cup options are delicious with a side of creamy yogurt, paired with just the right amount of fruit or honey. They also come in three milkfat varieties (0%, 2%, and 5%) so there’s something for everyone. The perfect pre-workout yogurt is the FAGE Total 2% Honey with a handful of pistachios on top. The protein fills you up without weighing you down and the honey gives your body the energy it needs to fuel your muscles. Pistachios add a crunch and make this on-the-go snack so easy before I hit the gym or a yoga class.

FAGE is also kid-friendly and my boys can’t get enough of it. William, my three-year-old twin, is obsessed with the cherry pomegranate flavor. I love his sophistication in taste and that he can have a healthy meal or snack without the high amounts of sugar in other yogurts. FAGE Total Split Cup yogurts are easy to grab out of the fridge as a mid-afternoon snack that we can all enjoy together.

The FAGE Total 0% Split Cup yogurts remind me of a sweet treat without the guilt, and I love the option to dip the yogurt into a variety of different fruit flavors or honey and get a whole new sense of yummy. My husband has a 2% honey with his coffee in the mornings. I add low sugar granola to the fruit varieties often and switch it up between peach, blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry – they are all delish.

The FAGE Total Split Cups are a great addition to your everyday routine. Here are some other ways I incorporate them into mine:


Incorporating FAGE Yogurt Into My Daily Routine


  • I love to take a FAGE Total Split Cup yogurt to-go on a busy morning when I don’t have time for a sit-down breakfast. I pair it with a banana or hard-boiled egg and I’m good to go.
  • Mixing the yogurt with the fruit, then add oats, coconut shreds, low sugar granola, cereal or nuts is a satisfying breakfast for the entire family. I’ll put little cups out of different toppings and let the boys make their own concoctions.
  • Sometimes I throw the FAGE Total Split Cup yogurts into a blender, add a little vanilla almond milk, ice and a frozen banana for an easy creamy morning smoothie.


  • I love grabbing one of the FAGE Total Split Cup yogurts for a mid-afternoon pick me up, it keeps me full and energized until dinner.
  •  FAGE Total Split Cup yogurt can make a great lunch by adding some granola, flax seeds, bananas, and kiwis or fruit of choice. I also love slicing up an apple and dipping it into the yogurt then the honey and rolling it in granola or chopped peanuts.
  •  Whenever I’m craving a sweet treat; but don’t want the sugar crash, I grab a FAGE Total Split Cup yogurt to satisfy my sweet tooth. The FAGE Total 0% cherry pomegranate with a few pieces of dark chocolate is an incredible healthier treat.


  • The FAGE Total Split Cups are a perfect alternative to ice cream for dessert. The boys love to mix up the fruit with the yogurt to make a fun, yummy and sweet treat!
  • Putting the yogurt in the freezer then throwing some ice cream size scoops into a bowl with some banana slices and the fruit sauce on top is the perfect banana split, FAGE style.
  • A few scoops of frozen FAGE yogurt tastes as creamy, sweet and fulfilling as any other ice-cold treat (just this time it is much healthier for you!) When I really want to indulge I chill the FAGE Total 5% Split Cup in the sicilian lemon flavor and crumble graham crackers or shortbread cookies on top…omg SO good!

For everyone looking for the best yogurt/snack, FAGE is the best one to add to your daily routine, it’s nutritious, tasty and satisfying.

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