Expecting More–Awesome Prenatal Workout DVD

Prenatal Shoot Meditation I just finished shooting my Prenatal Program this past week. I’m super excited to share the DVD in the Fall with all expecting moms. It’s actually a challenging DVD for everyone really!

My dear friend Sara Haley is a rock star teacher out in California. She used to live in NYC and we would often bump in to each other on fitness casting calls. When I discovered I was pregnant, I happened to read about her DVD, Expecting More, featured in the back of my Oxygen magazine. I was so happy for her and also super curious to try out her prenatal workout DVD.

Sara generously sent me a copy of Expecting More and I’ve just finished all of the workouts. Sara is a mother of a now 2 year old boy, when she shot the DVD, she was entering in to her 3rd trimester. She was in awesome shape throughout her pregnancy; and it’s so inspiring to workout with her. I truly believe in the benefits of exercising while pregnant.

Sara and I share the same philosophy when it comes to working out during pregnancy. So many of the classes and DVDs designed for pregnant women tend to be very slow. We want to continue our workouts with safety and precaution of course; but we can still do a majority of things we’ve always done.

SAR_ExpectingMore_3d Sara designed Expecting More for women like she and I who still want to get their sweat on, and feel great about their bodies during pregnancy. The DVD is divided in to 6 workouts: Sweat Strong Up, Sweat Strong Down, Salutations, Sweat Sport, Sweat Funk and Synergy. There’s also a warm up and cool down that can be paired with all of them. Sara also provides a little calendar inside that recommends how to mix the work outs up.

The Introduction is really thought out; and Sara talks about all of her different cues throughout the DVD. She also explains safety tips and modifications. The first 3 workouts are on one DVD titled Strength. Sweat Strong Up, Sweat Strong Down and Salutations are just Sara alone leading the routines. Each one runs between 18-25 minutes and there is also a warm up (about 8 minutes) and cool down (about 5 min). I really enjoyed them all and the length was perfect for me with my busy schedule. Of course being a yoga girl, I especially liked Salutations.

The second 3 workouts on the Sweat DVD include Sweat Sport, Sweat Funk and Synergy. Sweat Sport is about 18 minutes, it is a great cardio workout and Sara has two adorable pregnant women, Ali and Jada, working out with her doing modifications. Sweat Funk (about 25 min) is just Sarah alone leading a super funky, fun cardio workout. Both of the workouts had me working up a sweat and the Sweat Funk brought me back to my early days growing up as a child when I took tons of jazz classes. I walk everywhere, play tennis, ski, jog, bike, hike, etc.; but rarely do fun cardio dance style workouts. I really liked doing them again and Sara is just so fun and encouraging.

Synergy is the longest workout, with the warm up and cool down the entire thing is almost an hour. Synergy alternates between cardio and strength. Jada and Ali join Sara again and show modifications. A chair and hand weights are used; and Sara comes up with some really creative names for the moves–stroller seat pull, bottle toss, rock a bye baby, mama squats, stroller push, etc. She also tells us to “bump it up” when we feel like going stronger, as well as test our baby balance throughout. I liked doing this workout on a Sunday morning when I had more time.

If you or someone you know is expecting, you have the opportunity to win a copy of Expecting More. Make sure to follow Sara on twitter and like her on Facebook; and let us both know why you’d like to win a copy of the DVD! You can let me know here on my post, on my FB page or on twitter. At the end of the month, we’ll announce a winner–GOOD LUCK!

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5 thoughts on “Expecting More–Awesome Prenatal Workout DVD”

  • I’m expecting my 4th in October and would love to keep as fit as possible! Following on facebook and twitter.

  • I would love to win a copy of this DVD. I am trying to get pregnant again after recently having a 2nd trimester loss and I want my future pregnancy to be as healthy as possible and to continue working out throughout. Thanks!

  • We also are in the TTC process after a nearly full term stillbirth. This DVD sounds like it would be challenging for a mom to be, instead of making it seem like a pregnant woman is “sick” and needs to take it easy. I’d love to win because when I get pregnant (hopefully) I want to be prepared to stay healthy, and this DVD sounds like a great tool to keep fit. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I have liked both of your facebook pages. I would love to win this dvd. we are TTC for baby number 3. my first two pregnancies were really hard with huge weight gains. Im determined to have a better and last pregnancy where I keep myself mentally and physically fit for myself, my baby to be and my family. I would love the opportunity to win this and to review it on my blog!! http://www.crafts-n-fitness.blogspot.com I love all kinds of fitness dvds and I’m especially interested in using pregnancy dvds in the near future.

  • Kristin- I am 21 weeks into my first pregnancy and just stumbled across Sarah’s DVD/website which lead me to yours! It is so refreshing to hear there are other women/moms out there that share the same philosophy as I do when it come to staying healthy and active during the pregnancy! I have been saying yours and Sarah’s exact words to my husband the past 21 weeks . . there just isn’t anything out there challenging enough for women who were already very active prior to pregnancy. I am so excited to try Expecting More. I am also interested in adding more yoga into my routine. Did I read this post correct, you just shot a DVD? Do you when it will be ready and could you recommend alternatives in the meantime? Thanks! 🙂

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