Exercise Your Rights: How to Find a Fitness Class to Match Your Personality

If you’re thinking about getting fit or want to find other ways of exercising, you may be overwhelmed by the choices available to you. Today, there’s a class for everyone, whether you’re a wannabe dancer or you prefer to take things a little slow. How you do you choose between all the different classes available, or know which will be most beneficial for you?

To help you choose the right class for you, here are some tips:

What Type of Class Format is Right for You?

One of the first things you need to think about is the type of class format you want to opt for, and these include:

  • Core – If your goal is to improve the strength of your core, classes that focus on this will provide you with better overall fitness, which will enable you to go on and do other things.
  • Strength – These classes are ideal if you want to build up your strength or muscle mass.
  • Cardio – If you want to get your blood pumping, cardio classes are the one for you. You’ll often find these are done in intervals or through a pyramid structure (low, medium and high-intensity sessions, and back down again).

However, in a lot of cases, classes will combine more than one of these elements. Therefore, the best thing to do is find a local gym and see what they offer. Then you can decide which one’s going to be more beneficial for you.

Changing Your Class Format to Add to Your Overall Fitness

When you’re looking to improve your overall fitness, it’s important to change your routine every now and again, regardless of whether you’re a fitness fanatic or you’re just starting out. For example, if you tend to go running, you may benefit from yoga classes which loosen up your muscles (some programs may be targeted specifically towards runners); or weight-lifting classes that build up the strength to give your running a much-needed boost.

On the other hand, if you’re an avid yogi, you might want to shake this up a bit by going to your local dance class. Not only will this give you chance to show off how flexible you are but it’ll also provide you with a high-energy workout, which isn’t something you often achieve through yoga. And don’t forget to give Barre classes a try too, as these work on the flexibility you’ve already got but, again, they provide you with a high-intensity workout.

Choosing the Right Class for You

The effectiveness of a workout will be determined by your age, intensity, fitness level and weight, so it’s important to remember this when choosing your next class. Even though most classes can be tailored to suit an individual’s requirements, there are some things you’ll want to bear in mind.

Firstly, if you’ve got any injuries or joint issues, try to avoid any classes that involve high impact. This doesn’t rule you out of high-intensity classes because, with the OK from your doctor, you can still enjoy workouts that get your blood pumping, build your bone density, increase your power and strength and help you lose weight.

Secondly, if you struggle with advanced routines but love to dance, you’re best off trying classes like Barre or Zumba. Each week you’ll find you’re following a similar format, so you don’t have to learn new routines frequently. This will help you to master the choreography and keep the postures and moves in mind without feeling intimidated by those around you.

Finally, if you’ve not got good balance but you’ve got good core muscles, a yoga class might be the beneficial workout you’ve been looking for.

If you’re still not sure which class is going to be right for you, why not give a few a try to see how you get on? In some cases, fitness classes are a little trial and error, but trying out some new classes could open your eyes to some of the exciting exercises available to you. And, in the end, the best workout is going to be the one that you go to week after week without fail, and the one you enjoy doing, even after a long day at work.

Hannah Carr runs several fitness classes in her local area, offering everything from Zumba to Yoga. She also shares her passion for keeping fit online.


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