Essentials for New Moms To Have on Hand

I never realized how minimal my routine would become until I had my baby boy. I find most nights I’m just so wiped out; and his needs definitely come before mine. I’ve found it’s crucial to have super easy ways to get ready for the day or for bed at night. Here’s some essentials that have really made my life easier as a new mom.

wedding Facial Wipes–These are a must! I love Garnier’s Refreshing Remover Cleansing Towlettes. I just don’t have time nor free hands to do a full cleansing at night. The towelettes take off all of my make up and removes dirt and oil from my face. On the nights when I can do a full cleansing, I will; but when I’m in a pinch these are perfect. 

Dry Shampoo–Taking a shower scares me these days! I am so afraid I won’t hear Timothy Grayson crying if he needs me. I make my showers super short and wash my hair every other day or sometimes even every 2 or 3 days. My hair doesn’t get that greasy and I find dry shampoo is a great way to refresh it each day. Dry shampoo also gives texture to my hair and helps it hold it’s style. I highly recommend investing in some and using it on the mornings you can’t wash your hair or can’t even get a shower in. There are a ton of great brands now that make dry shampoo, I like Klorane or Aveeno

Prepasted tooth brushes–Brushing my teeth has been another one of those difficult things to do at night if I’m trying to hold Grayson or he’s having one of his fussy times. It’s often from dinner time until bed that he gets cranky. I was trying to put toothpaste on my toothbrush the other night with one hand and making a mess. I decided to get a few prepasted toothbrushes to have on hand for those nights when I just can’t do much of anything. You can order them on Amazon.

Tinted lip gloss–It’s so hard to do a full make up job in the morning. If you can only do one thing, carry around some tinted lip gloss and wear cute sunglasses when you go out. You can use the lip gloss on your cheeks as well to give yourself a nice flush. Pixi tinted brilliance balm is great since it’s not too greasy for the cheeks and the tint lasts on your lips long after you’ve applied it. 

Tinted moisturizing sunscreen–I never leave home without sunscreen on, not even in the dead of winter. As a sleep deprived mom, I definitely need some color on my face so I don’t look so pale. Tinted sunscreens are a new mother’s best friend. I use Sarah McNamara’s miracle skin transformer, it’s awesome. 

Coconut oil–Coconut oil is great because you can use it on your face at night for a moisturizer, rub it on our sore nipples if you’re breastfeeding, relieve dry hands and use it as a hair mask once a week (when your husband is home on the weekend and you deserve that much needed long soak in the bath tub!).  I really like Barlean’s brand. 

Slip on Shoes–Baby Gray is often in my arms or on me in his baby Bjorn and the last thing I can do is bend down to tie my shoes. In the summer I slipped on my Juil’s. Now that the weather is getting brisk, I wear ballet flats and I’m considering getting a pair of Toms. I also am happy for the lock laces in my tennis shoes so I can slip those on easier now. 

Healthy Frozen Dinners and Prepackaged Veggies–I really love to cook; but there are many nights when it’s one of the last things I’m able to do. I have a fussy baby who’s also hungry and I’m just concentrated on keeping him soothed. Sometimes I will prep everything when he is sleeping and make myself a great meal; but I can’t always count on that. It’s a good idea to keep some really healthy frozen dinners in the freezer and some prepackaged salads or vegetables on hand. I can throw organic broccoli in the microwave and steam it for a few minutes and heat up an Artisan Bistro, Kashi meal or Amy’s organic entree on the nights when I just can’t cook.As a breastfeeding mom, I need to eat! I also make sure to have plenty of fruit on hand, greek yogurts, and I cook up a batch of steel cut oats to keep in the fridge so I can scoop out a bowl and heat it up (my husband’s mother taught me that trick when she came to visit us after Timothy was born). 

If you are a new mom or have “been there done that”, I would love to know your secrets for making sure you can take care of yourself (at least a little bit) and still give your baby the most attention you possibly can. I love Timothy Grayson beyond anything, it’s easy to neglect myself sometimes. Yet, it’s important as a mother to feel sexy, healthy and radiant inside and out. 

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