EO Natural Deodorant: Even if You’re Skeptical, You Must Try This!

I began teaching yoga in the 90’s and have not stopped since. I teach group classes, events, and privates. Fitness is a huge part of my life and a big passion of mine. I love to get my kids involved in fitness too; we love to go to the park and explore. Robert loves to run around (funny enough he walked at 8 months), and we are always on the go. We all break a sweat playing at the playground that’s for sure; and I spend the majority of the day in workout clothes!

I own a Pilates chair and a Schwinn stationary bike at home that I love to use when the kids go to bed. Working out has always been my way to cope with stress and the crazy busy life I lead. I like to sweat out all of the toxins from my body and release feel good endorphins. After working out or teaching, I always freshen up.

I recently discovered a natural deodorant and I really like it. I was a little hesitant to make the switch from my usual; but it has been great so far. Regular deodorant has synthetic scents and toxic, pore-clogging ingredients; so why pollute our bodies with them? It can take about a month for the body to get used to the natural way; so be patient. I found that my body odor actually increased after I stopped using regular deodorant for a few weeks, until I got it under control with the Natural Deodorant.


EO Product Tips to Make the Switch:

  • Drink water, lots and lots of it.
  • Take Hot Salt Baths
  • Reduce Stress
  • Give Your Underarms A Renewing Treatment
  • Keep Some Wipes Handy
  • Watch Your Diet

The cause of body odor is basically bacteria. When you sweat, the bacteria living on your skin breaks the moisture down into acids and can result in unpleasant odor. Alcohol is effective against the main source of body odor which is bacteria so look for that on the list, when choosing your natural deodorant.

EO Natural Deodorant:

I tried quite a few natural deodorants before picking my favorite, EO Products Natural Deodorant. EO Products started researching natural deodorants about 10 years ago when there was hype around deodorant causing breast cancer. They noticed the harmful products and decided they could produce a great one without any; and created a healthier alternative to the mainstream options. In order to be effective against the bacteria they added alcohol as the active ingredient to neutralize it; and designed the perfect formula for EO Deodorant Sprays and Wipes. The deodorants have a blend of  essential oils – refreshing scent combinations like tea tree with rosemary and cedar, lavender and more.

EO products want to make a simple, plant-based, and convenient product that works. EO Products core ingredient is essential oils, which I love. The company is dedicated to a collective work of like minded people working towards a common goal: beautiful, healthy body care. The sprays are easy to use and have a simple formula, with no excessive ingredients. I have also tried the travel deodorant wipes because they’re portable and come in handy on-the-go.

I like knowing that something I am using for my body is natural and does not have any harmful ingredients. The products I use are very important to me. I only like to use things that are good for my health. I spray the deodorant on before I teach or take a class and if I sweat a lot, afterwards I will use a wipe. When I am in the park with the kids the wipes are fabulous. I use some on them and me to keep us all smelling good. My favorite scent is the citrus, it makes me so happy!

There is nothing worse than using exercise machines with someone’s sweat all over it; or using someone else’s yoga mat. I take great care in keeping my equipment and mat clean. When I am done using it I wipe it down; and I also freshen up myself! EO Products deodorant has made my life so much easier and makes feeling refreshed awesome when it’s the natural way.









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