Eat Smart Precision Get Fit Digital Body Fat Scale

I have some clients and friends who weigh themselves daily, I also know people who weigh in weekly, and then there are those who never weigh themselves until they’re at the doctors office. I personally usually go by how my pants fit, and every now and then step on the scale at one of the gyms I teach at. We don’t have a scale at home, so I rarely get to accurately read my weight first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Eat Smart Precicion Scale I recently received the Eat Smart Precision Get Fit Digital Body Fat Scale and wow was I impressed! First of all, it was super easy to set up. It came with 4 triple A batteries, a quick and detailed instruction manual and a 2 year guarantee. I calibrated the scale like it told me to, then set myself up as a user. You can store up to 8 users and for each person you enter your age, gender and height. The scale zeroes out, then you step on it to get a very accurate reading of not only your weight; but also your body fat %, your total body weight %, your muscle mass % and your bone mass.

I think it’s so important for us to know that it’s not just about how much we weigh. It’s great to know how much body fat we store and how much muscle mass we are building. I also love the fact it shows us our bone mass. I tend to have low bone density, so this is something I want to stay on top of. Thank goodness weight bearing activities like yoga, strength training and running all help with bone density. I was also curious about the water reading, I never think too much about water weight. I think this helps us, as women especially, realize that at certain times of the month, we’ll weigh a little more because we tend to store water. Alcohol, caffeine, exercise and  temperature all affect our water weight as well.

The guidelines for the scale recommend weighing yourself first thing in the morning for your weight; but to measure yourself in the evening before eating to get an accurate read on your body fat, muscle mass and bone mass. Consistency is key when taking the readings, just make sure to not get too obsessed! It’s nice to have a tool that can give us such great information about ourselves; but to use it in reason. I think once a week is definitely plenty, unless you’re pregnant, on a diet, or really need to keep yourself in check for a certain period of time.

The Eat Smart Precision Scale is sleek and blends in perfectly with our bathroom. I like the glass plating and the streamlined shape. The best thing about the scale, is the price is really affordable, especially for something that gives so much data and looks like it’s built to last.

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3 thoughts on “Eat Smart Precision Get Fit Digital Body Fat Scale”

  • Well it’s like getting the complete information about the body not just the body weight. Are these weight precision tools always gives accurate results? Sometimes people get addicted to such type of tools which is not good at all as every time checking your weight may not result in less weight.

  • I agree it’s not good to get obsessed with it and check it all the time. I think it’s a good gauge to measure where you are every couple of weeks or even just once a month or so. I haven’t had a scale until now and I notice I use this every now and then; but still just mainly go by how I’m feeling and how my clothes fit. Eat a healthy diet, move daily and enjoy life!

    Thank you for your feedback!

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