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dream body oil During the winter months, I feel like a lizard! My skin gets so dry that it peels around my fingers; and my hands, legs and feet feel like sandpaper. I try and slather myself with lotion as much as I can, but it never seems to do the trick. I recently discovered an incredible body oil from Earthbody Sacred Skincare and I’m in love. Not only does it really moisturize my skin, it’s become a ritual for me before bed to help me sleep better and take care of myself. I have really neglected self pampering ever since baby Timothy was born, so this is really special for me. I love to take a bath at night, and getting cozy and warm then rubbing the oil all over my legs and feet. I keep it at my dresser and right before bed I pour some more on to my hands and rub them together and take a giant sniff of the lavender, frankincense and sandalwood. Even though I still get up to nurse Timothy at night, I feel this helps me sleep soundly during the hours when I am snoozing. 

Earthbody Sacred Skincare is a botanical blend of potent herbs and spiritual aromatics designed to support radiant skin. It’s handcrafted in small batches in San Francisco and made without any fillers, only flower blossoms, roots and whole berries go in to the blends. I was so impressed with the beautiful packaging of Earthbody Dream oil. I love the philosophy behind this organic skincare line that is inspired by Ayurveda. On my bottle of Dream Oil it says that the oil helps to expand your mind and realize your purpose. I even rub some on Timothy’s little feet after his bath. 

photo What makes Earthbody Sacred Skincare unique is all of their products are designed and crafted by healers in their kitchen in San Francisco. The CEO and Founder, Denmo Ibrahim, created the products out of a need to find something pure and organic and free of wax, soy, alcohol, glycerin, parabens, sulfates and preservatives. Earthbody Sacred Skincare products are available online at and in the spa. In addition, all of Earthbody’s treatments incorporate Earthbody Sacred Skincare products. Dream oil has been incorporated into a seasonal treatment, “The Winter Ritual “, a 90-minute massage designed to cure the Winter blues. I am dying to go visit the spa someday and experience the treatment there. In the meantime, I’ve been doing my own special massage with the oil at night. I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my skin, my mood and in the quality of sleep I get when I do have a few hours of shut eye.

Earthbody Skincare makes an awesome holiday gift for yourself or for someone special in your life. I love my Dream Oil and I am excited to try some of the other products in their line. Check out their holiday gift guide with products ranging from $25-$75 dollars. Happy holidays and treat yourself with some TLC!

You can connect with Earthbody here: 


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