Earth Day Yoga Poses & 50% off my favorite JUIL sandals–which connect you to the Earth!

It’s Earth Day today! Get outside and do some yoga in your back yard, a park, beach, or any place you can dig your feet in to the earth. I took some of these outdoor shots when I was at Nevine’s (one of my favorite yoga teachers) home in Pound Ridge, New York about a year ago. Nevine always talks about lining up with the universe and feeling the support of mother earth below. I loved being able to kick off my shoes and play around in the grass.

Quad stretch Get inspired see what feels good, ground your feet, or your seat, in to the earth and breathe in the fresh air!

I loved doing some backbends:

Crescent Lunge

Camel Drop Backs

And some hip openers:


King PIgeon

As well as some hamstring and side stretches:

Janu Sirasasana

Compass Pose

And when you do need to wear shoes, you can stay connected to the earth with JUIL sandals. JUIL are my very favorite sandals, I could live in them! They are super comfortable, they can be dressed up or worn just casually; and they are made with a special Energy Flow technology that uses the Earth to restore balance in our bodies.

In this picture (from last summer’s Escape to Shape yoga retreat I lead in Italy), my older brother, his wife and I are all wearing our JUIL’s!

Kraig, Kara and I in our Juil Sandals

In honor of Earth Day, JUIL is offering 50% off their sandals; and there’s always free shipping. You’ll adore the yoga mat bag that comes with each order too. Happy Earth Day!

earth day new styles (1)

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