Dynamic Yoga Warm Up Pre-Run

New York City Marathon is this coming Sunday and runners are gearing up to race. I’m thrilled to be living near Central Park now. I can’t wait to see all the runner’s crossing the finish line, it will be a huge celebration this year after last year’s dreaded Hurricane Sandy. 

I personally am not a long distance runner and I don’t foresee a marathon in my future. I love shorter runs anywhere from 3 to 5 miles and I like sprint intervals on the treadmill. I have plenty of clients and friends who are marathon runners and they swear that practicing yoga has helped them tremendously. Yoga is a runner’s best friend, it aids in breathing, concentration, flexibility and mobility, strength (warrior poses, standing poses, balancing poses, chaturanga’s and boat pose), and injury prevention, as well as better recovery. 

Dynamic yoga is best to do pre-run–sun salutations, standing poses, core work, planks and lunges are all perfect. Post-run you can cool down with longer held postures–pigeons, crescent lunges, forward bends, and shoulder stand are all great for recovery. Whether you’re a long distance runner, sprinter, or occasional jogger, try incorporating some yoga poses in to your warm-up and cool down; and take a weekly class or do at least one or two home practices.

Here is a dynamic yoga warm up you can do pre-run or any workout for that matter. I shot this video in Idaho about 3.5 weeks after baby Timothy Grayson was born. Boise has the most incredible green belt path for running, my older brother and his wife jog it often. When I was home, we all did a power walk (instead of a run) on it to their new Whole Foods and back. I finally feel like running a bit more now 3 months out; but 3.5 weeks felt way too soon.  

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