Download FAQs

Download FAQs

Having trouble with your video download purchase? Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered. Your yoga flow is just one click away.

More often than not, it is in your downloads folder! PC users: go to “My Computer” and click “Downloads” on the left. Mac users: go to “Finder” and click “Downloads” on the left. If you’re still not seeing your file, try searching the name of the file in the search bar on the upper right. Be sure to drag it to your desktop for easy access.

This is dependent on your local area connection. Video files are big and some regions handle downloads worse than others. If this is the case, just be patient and look at a few cat memes. If the wait is ridiculous, call your local service provider and tell them to get it together.

This could be an issue with the media player on your computer. Mac users: make sure you have the latest version of QuickTime. PC users: make sure you Windows Media Player or a comparable program installed on your computer. If neither of those methods solves your issue, I highly recommend downloading VLC.

iPhone/iPad users should sync the file to their device using iTunes. We strongly recommend using VLC for iOS to play the videos.

Android users should download the VLC app from the Google Play store in order to play the video.

Make sure your speakers are working properly and aren’t muted. Windows users can check this by clicking on the speaker icon on the bottom right of their screen or by going into “Control Panel” in the start menu. Mac users should head to “System Preferences” and click “Sound.”

You may be having a codec error. This can occur when using Windows Media Player. If you prefer to avoid dabbling in downloading new codecs, I highly recommend downloading VLC.

To fix this another way (by downloading new codecs), head to the “Tools” menu in Windows Media Player and click “Options.” Click the “Player” tab, click to select the “Download codecs automatically” check box, then click OK. Try to play the file and if you are prompted to install the codec, click Install.

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