Don’t cry for me Argentina!

IMG_3169 I recently took a trip to Argentina for one of my very close friend’s 10th year wedding anniversary. I had the most incredible time and I am still relishing the memories of all of celebration and party as well as the peaceful moments and slower lifestyle. I found it so easy to fall into a state of mindfulness and gratitude every day I was in South America. Now that I’m back in the city, I really want to bring some of that awesome Argentine attitude in to my life here.

Here are 4 take-aways on how to SLOW down from Argentina:

“De-Conveine”: In the past there were not one stop convenience shops where you could get your bread, meat, diapers and detergent all in one place. In this fast paced life one stop shopping is much more convenient. The pro is you get it all done at once. The con: often quality suffers in exchange. Small businesses are the heart of America: they put their love into their products to give you the best and the freshest option out there. Try going to a bakery for your bread, a butchery for your meat and the farmers market for your produce. Going to specialty shops will feel special. In a big city there are so many options!

Rest: Take a siesta or set aside some time to meditate. If you have time to Instagram, pin and post, you can’t tell me you don’t have time to nap. Set an alarm for a quick 20 minute power nap and rest your eyes and your brain. If you are a “It takes me too long to fall asleep” kind of person: find a peaceful place to sit comfortably and meditate. Try this guided mediation if you are new to it. Studies show that a midday break leads to a more productive workday and a sense of rejuvenation. Check out this article on Huffington Post.

Get creative: Argentinians are master artisans in leather goods and other handmade items. It feels good to create and can help us release pent up emotions. So whether you sign up for a paint & Vino class, doodle in an adult coloring book, or join a knitting club; creativity will help you loosen up and find beauty in life.

Find romance: Originators of the tango, there is something so sultry about the natives here. Whether you have a partner or not I encourage you to get romantic and savor the moments! Take a tango lesson, have dinner in silk by candlelight, relish a piece of dark chocolate (or the whole bar without guilt), melt into a dimly lit bubble bath with rose petals. Find love in yourself and others; and get in touch with your romantic side. Embrace the rhythm of your life and flow. When we are experiencing life to its fullest and brimming with love, time stands still. Find those moments as often as you can.


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