DietBet–Join Me in A Challenge to Tone Up For the Holidays!

_D2I7945 Ok I have to admit it, I’ve really been slacking lately. I have been chalking it up to being a new mom and not having much time outside of my teaching schedule to do anything for myself . I’m somewhat lucky that I come from a family with fast metabolisms; and I’ve worked my butt off for the past 20 years which helps me maintain my figure for the most part, but, I just don’t feel so great. I miss my hard core workouts and running around the park chasing after Timothy as my workout just isn’t cutting it anymore. Also, my one glass of wine a night has been turning into two (one as I feed Timothy then one with my own dinner!) and I’m not burning what I used to. I definitely notice it in my mood, my back and my sleeping patterns. Diet and exercise have such a huge affect on everything we do and how we feel daily.

When I was approached by DietBet to run a contest, I thought no way would anyone want to bet on losing weight during the holidays. Yet, I’m feeling inspired myself to really get back on track myself and it seems like why not do it now? I think it’s actually the best time to get a jump start on eating healthy and not using the holidays as an excuse to pig out. I hate the feeling of overindulging anyways; and if we have the motivation to eat healthy and get in shape over the next month, we can start the new year right! I also love the idea of rocking an awesome cocktail dress and feeling energized and fit through Thanksgiving and Christmas. I could use some great workouts to get my butt and body in shape for ski season and my all time favorite sport.

DietBet is such an awesome concept because it gives us a community to share our feelings with and be inspired by. I am also 100% in line with the 4% of your body mass weight loss goal. It’s doable, reasonable and healthy. In one month you can start to really feel better and lose a realistic 1-2 lbs. a week without sacrificing your favorite foods. In order to lose a pound you just need to create a 500 calorie deficit each day. At the end of the week that is 3500 calories gone and/or 1 pound. I plan to lose one glass of wine each night (150 calories) and cut my mid morning and mid afternoon snack back by 50 calories each. It’s super easy to do and that’s already 250 less calories eaten without much of a sacrifice at all. Next I will find a way to burn off an additional 250 calories through exercise. One 20 minute interval session on the gauntlet (stair climbing machine) burns off 200 calories and my yoga and Pilates practice kicks in an extra 150-200. I can still have my one square of dark chocolate and pretty much eat the same otherwise.

Are you ready to join me in the challenge? Maybe you don’t have anything to lose but want to tone up more? I encourage you to sign up. It’s only $30 to enter and if you meet your goal you get to share in the prize money. I’m also offering 25% off any of my DVDs for those who do sign up to help you with extra workouts throughout the month. You can also check out my free Eat Strong, Move Strong, Feel Strong program at for free for extra motivation and weight loss tiI will be right there with you helping you achieve your goals and feel amazing over the holiday. You can go right up until Christmas and then have a great week without gaining the typical 5 pounds over the holidays. You will start the new year already ahead of the game and feel confident to not overindulge at parties. I’m not about deprivation at all and I want you to enjoy a sliver of pumpkin pie or your favorite cookie; but with your yogic mindset, you can listen to your body and be mindful enough to savor each bite and stop before you feel stuffed. Along with yoga, Pilates, strength training and finding a few ways to shave off some of the “extras” we all get too used to, you can easily fit back in to your skinny jeans and not hide behind a sweater this season.

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