Dear Kates–These Undies Are a Lifesaver!

Xmas I can’t believe it’s been 5 months since Timothy Grayson was born! I just can’t get enough of him. He had the best time at home in Idaho with his grandma and grandpa and aunts, uncles, nephews and niece. I was so grateful to have family around to babysit and play with him. I hit the slopes for four days of awesome skiing in Sun Valley, took a pilates private with my dear friend Lori Head at her studio in Poky, and went on some mountain walks with my mom’s dog, Pumpkin. I feel like I’m slowly getting back in shape; yet one little thing seems to be holding me back.

As a Pilates and yoga teacher and practitioner I would have thought that I had the strongest pelvic floor muscles ever; but ever since giving birth to baby Gray, I’ve had some difficulty running, jumping rope and doing certain plyometric moves and jumping jacks. I feel like I’m going to wet my pants and I’m afraid of leaking. I went to see my doctor for my check up and she said because of the way Timothy was sitting inside of me, my bladder is slightly prolapsed. After talking to other women who’ve had kids, I learned that this is a very common issue.

dear kates In addition to going to a pelvic floor rehab appointment, religiously practicing my kegels, and making sure I don’t overload on liquids before working out, I discovered an amazing underwear line called Dear Kate. Dear Kate’s have built in wicking and leak resistant properties in their undies which makes them perfect for new moms, athletes and anyone who just wants a little extra protection. Julie Sygiel is the founder of the smarter type of underwear for women. One out of four women experience light bladder leaks and many deal with heavy periods. She went on to develop a line that is leak resistant, stain-releasing, soft, silky and sexy. The revolutionary underwear’s built-in breathable lining protects like a pantiliner.

My favorite pairs are from the Believe I Am collection. Dear Kate’s partnered with Ro Mettigan, an Olympic runner and co-founder of Believe I Am and together they designed adorable black and pink undies with a butterfly flower design on the tag with the hidden mantra I AM STRONG inside. I love the idea of using positive visual cues to help us achieve our goals. The idea behind all of Believe I Am’s transformative designs it so empower women to feel strong and push themselves to new limits. Dear Kate says, “These bikinis are perfect for pregnant and post-partum runners as well as athletes of all sports. Wonderwoman had sweet underwear…why shouldn’t you?”.

I think these undies are awesome and I feel protected now doing any and all activities. I’m also starting to get stronger down there, I think it just takes time for our bodies to bounce back after having a baby. Regardless, Dear Kate’s have our backs and and our bladders and they’re cute as can be.

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  • Kristin – your makeup and skin is AMAZING on the Today Show today. Can you let me know what you use for your foundation and powder? I love it. You are gorg!

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