De-stressing Holiday Gifts!

The holiday season is upon us and with all the chaos and craziness that seems to fill the months of December, gift-giving can be made extra special (especially for us busy mamas) by giving the gift of stress relief!

If you’re looking to treat yourself this holiday season or you know someone who could use a little de-stress package this winter, I’ve got you!

Here is a list of all the best de-stressing gifts for you and your loved ones:


Ariana OST bath crystals are perfect for relaxation and stress release. The bath crystals are ethically sourced and smell amazing. Let your worries soak away as you pamper yourself in a warm tub full of luxury.

The added de-stressing benefit of these crystals is that they also have amazing healing properties when exposed to water. The water takes on the energetic patterns that the crystals offer. The concept is like bathing salts, but with an even more powerful effect. 

One of my favorite relaxing times is when I can have a calming bath at the end of a busy day, adding bath crystals to that routine is a bonus.

Self-care is super important all the time; and especially during the busy holiday season. Ariana OST crystals allow you to create a little bathing ritual that can help you feel peaceful, relaxed and pampered.

Mineral: SOUSA Body Oil

Sousa body oil is a refreshing, hydrating de-stressor that is great for busy moms on the go that need a little self-care at the end of the day. The body oil provides relief for dry skin; and it’s packed with relaxing scents like blood orange and smoky wood.

Sousa also has the de-stressing benefit of 200mg of CBD added to it, making it the perfect post-shower ritual that calms and soothes you after the craziest of days.


Everyone needs some yoga gear in their closet. Whether you wear yoga clothes to practice yoga in, to meditate, to run your errands, it’s relaxing and less stressful to have something comfy on.

Carbon 38 clothing is one of my favorite yoga clothing brands. They have so many styles and some of the trendiest best fitting leggings and tanks. I love this brand because they make activewear style for day to day life. When I have a busy day, I can wear my workout clothes straight from teaching out to my errands and with my kids, without the chaos of having to stop at home to change. Any woman appreciates style meets comfort and Carbon 38 does just that. BONUS: Use my code Kristin25 for 25% off any purchase:)


Every mama needs some spa time while enduring the dryness of the cold weather. Softening, hydrating and relaxing skincare and face masks are always sure to be a hit.

LOLI has all the best and most pure, ethical products when it comes to calming skincare. LOLI’s  Tea Seed Elixir, balancing oil is one of my favorites!

The oil has hydrating ingredients like apricot, orange and flaxseed which help balance oil production, shrink blemishes and brighten skin tone. LOLI calming skincare products make for the perfect gift for anyone with a busy life (which is most of us mamas, most of the time!).


I absolutely love my Aera for home! It is an awesome diffuser with a variety of different scent options making it the perfect relaxation device. Aera turns an entire room into a calming area, so whether I’m meditating or playing with the boys the aroma that fills the air is so relaxing. USe code KRISTIN20 for 20% off diffusers Dec 10-Dec 24.

Aera For Home is a 3 step process that is super easy to use AND you have the added benefit of controlling it from your phone. If you’ve had a hectic day; turning the de-stress mind fragrance all the way up remotely, helps you unwind right when you arrive home.

The fragrances and device are both safe and clean and make for the perfect gift for anyone who goes through a ton of candles, loves oil diffusers, or hosts a number of parties at their home. Use code KRISTIN20 to shop!


Essential oils are always a go-to of mine for calming down, relaxing and letting my body and mind relax.

One of my favorite essential oils is by Rachel Grant Jackson. This specific oil has so many therapeutic properties to help any busy mama destress. Qualities such as calm, grateful, refreshed and connected are all things you can find embodied in this blend.

The oil by RGJ blend is also referred to as the “mama blend” and is said to inspire all that is required when you are in the mothering role. Taking a deep breath of the scent gives you peace of mind and is a great gift for any mama at any time in their life.

With the RGJ oils, you can be calm on the go any time when you apply the product. I could use as much peace as possible this crazy time of year.

Katonah Yoga Magic Square 2020 Calendar

The calendar is about the revelation of how one uses time – the moment, the day, the seasons, and the year. It is a tool for reflection and expectation. There are two parts to the magic calendar. A 2020 monthly planner, gives the days, months, years. The rhythm of the year is marked by weaving 366 days (leap year) through the 3×3 magic square template.

The second part features a series of Katonah Yoga® meditation maps designed to orient the individual in Great Nature, Personal Nature, Time, and Space. The maps contain a tremendous amount of meditation instruction – techniques to manipulate the mind, the body, and the breath. Katonah Yoga Magic Square Calendar was created by one of my all time favorite yoga teachers ever and is a great gift for anyone!

Peloton Subscription

We all know exercise can help de-stress both your body and mind; but Peloton takes that to a new level.

With a Peloton subscription you can take yoga and meditation classes, get a bike ride in as well as a run. You will get the full-on Peloton experience no matter where you are and get to take classes fromworld class instructors in your own home or even on the road if you’re traveling. You can splurge and buy the bike or tread; but you can also just get a digital subscription for only $20 a month and have access to all classes.


This is a great gift for anyone who is busy and lives an on the go lifestyle. As well as anyone that would rather workout in the comfort of their own home; but still get the full fitness center experience with a personalized touch and an amazing community!

La Chatelaine Soaps & Hand Creams

La Chatelaine is the perfect combination of comfort and calmness. These soaps and hand creams use a shea butter formula that keeps skin smelling good and feeling good. The South of France inspired luxury hand products are made to treat your skin like the queen you are. They also come in a set making the perfect last-minute gift. La Chatelaine has scents ranging from calming coconut milk to winter flower. All scents are designed to keep mamas feeling calm, cool, collected and cared for.


Everyone knows how stressful the holidays can be and a de-stressing gift will surely be appreciated by all mamas and anyone this time of year. I hope these gifts helped your Christmas gift planning.

Happy Holiday Hunting for all you gift-givers!

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