Day 2 At Coach Club

Today was my 2nd day shooting. I feel less jet lagged; but a little wiped out from filming 5 routines today.

This is what a day in the life looks like:

I wake up in the morning and take the Metro three stops to Pont de Sèvres where the CoachClub offices are located. When I get in, I go downstairs to my dressing room and I start doing my hair and make up and figure out my first outfit. Then I go upstairs and write the workout on the dry erase board, in case I need to glance over at it during the routine.

Next, I get my microphone on and I do a dry rehearsal with the director, Olivier, and Aurélie, who oversees all the coaches. 

Then, we tape! We film through the entire thing without any cuts, unless we absolutely have to stop. It is so much focus and concentration; but once I get in to the flow, things go smoothly. I try as much as I can to imagine someone is there with me and that I’m just teaching them as I normally would instead of performing for the camera. Although, this time there is a whole new level of imagination involved. I am constantly trying to envision what are the needs (physically, mentally and spiritually) of a new mom who’s getting her body back in shape after giving birth.

If you have been there/done that and have suggestions, comments or requests even, let me know! I’m looking forward to sharing all that I can with everyone and creating a library of DVDs that are excellent for new moms or any woman, for that matter, who just wants to tone and strengthen her pelvic floor muscles, rebuild strength and stamina, fight fatigue, and get lean and strong through a combination of yoga and Pilates–my two all time favorite disciplines.

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