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I’ve already mentioned rocksbox and adore me in previous posts; but want to delve a little deeper into delivery box shopping since it seems to be taking the world by storm. With these new delivery delights, everyone can have a personal stylist and try the latest and greatest new products. Shopping this way, simplifies your life and amplifies your style. Boxes are something I highly recommend for the busy mom, wife, professional or anyone who would love a little extra help updating their lifestyle, as you can see something I’ve always struggled with!

Shopping can sometimes be more tedious than enjoyable. Luckily now a days, you no longer have to shop! With the ability to have everything dropped at your door and hand picked based on your preferences. Here are a few of my favorite boxes.

Sweat style–Athleisure is in, and this is especially wonderful for people like me who change from yoga pants into more yoga pants! The founder knows, she is also the co-founder of Uplift studios in NYC. You can choose how often you receive a box and you have 5 days to try on and decide what to keep. This subscription does charge a $20 fee, but if you purchase any of the items it goes towards your total. You also get a discount when you purchase 3 or more items. FullSizeRender

Fab Fit Fun–If you find yourself at bootcamp and Pilates more than yoga, check out Fab Fit Fun box. It also has a bundle of fitness related goodies, skincare and snacks. Even Lauren Conrad gets this box! It comes quarterly (every 3 months) for $49.99.

Trunk club–Because not everyone is able to wear Athleisure all the time, the trunk club offers a little more. A service originally tailored for men, where they could meet with a stylist in a Mansion on the UES or receive a “trunk” or even make custom clothes. Finally they have launched this incredible service for women! This box is awesome because it’s no fee, you preview the items before they are sent and you get 10 days to decide what to keep. They cover all bases: outerwear, workwear, Athleisure, shoes and jewelry. Another plus is that you decide when you get your trunk. Trunks are sent by request, but they do offer the option to get monthly or quarterly as well! So whether for myself or Tim this service is a win. You will feel VIP with this one.  image1.PNG

Rocksbox–I already wrote about this awesome subscription; but it’s definitely worth another mention. This service sends you three pieces of jewelry to wear for a month. Then you can either send them back for 3 more or choose to buy them! It’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t wear jewelry often (me), doesn’t like to commit, or who’s jewelry box looks like the tangled vines of the jungle. The pieces are tailored to you via quiz results. Use kristinmcgeexoxo for your first month free!

Farmbox Direct– Wish you had your own farm, but you live in the city or have a black thumb? Farmbox direct delivers the fresh and organic produce you need right to your door. Not only do you get to choose the size of the box, but you also have a say in what goes in it. Veggies only? A mix of produce? Love to juice? Farmbox has you covered. In true entrepreneurial spirit, the founder Ashley rose up from rock bottom to start Farmbox. There is so much to love about this company, biodegradable boxes, free shipping and it supports local farmers/artisans.  image2.PNG

Blue Apron– Blue apron might just become your new best friend. It takes all of the annoying work out of making a meal and let’s you actually enjoy it. No debacles about what to choose, who has to go to the grocery store, or three thousand and one trips for each item you forgot. Everything comes pre-measured and ready to prepare. You can slightly tailor it to your dietary needs (i.e.. vegetarian, no pork, etc.) Cooking can become a form of meditation and without the extra stresses you can really pour your heart into it. Food cooked with love always tastes better. Well… almost always. The play dough cake Timothy made for me was just a tad salty…

Adore me– Because underneath it all are the undies. Adore me is a subscription for bra and panty sets as well as lingerie. I love that with them every 6th set is free and they have affordable prices. Trying these on in the comfort of your own home is also a huge benefit at this time of year especially when we have to peel off so many layers just to get down to our skivvies.

YogiSurprise– It’s no surprise I love the idea of a subscription that is tailored to all things yoga. Not only does your subscription get you a box full of yoga goodies but it also enters you to win $1000 towards the yoga retreat of your choice! How cool? You could even join me at the upcoming Canyon Ranch Wellness Weekend in Lenox, MA. This box isn’t personalized by a stylist but it comes monthly with a bundle of goodies ranging from skin care to snacks that any yogi would love.


Talk about convenience! Whether by quiz, consult or tailored speciality you can have your life wrapped up and delivered in a neat little box 😉

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