My Cryotherapy Experience At NKD NYC

So curious to know if any of you have heard of or tried cryotherapy?

I recently had my first experience at NKD in NYC. I had heard a little bit about it but didn’t quite know what it was all about. Cryotherapy is a treatment that exposes the body to subzero temperatures.  The Whole Body Cryotherapy chamber at NKD NYC uses liquid nitrogen to create a cold, dry air.  The Whole Body Cryotherapy chamber gets down in temperature all the way to -321 degrees! I went in for my first visit and I had bruised my rib prior on a Citi Bike and I also had some left Wrist issues.
First I went to a changing room and put on some very tall socks and a robe. The reason for this is because the feet tend to get the coldest. The air is the coldest at the bottom of the chamber. After that I went into the chamber area and the lovely gal asked me if I wanted to listen to my favorite song to make the time pass. She also asked me what setting I wanted and I opted for the beginner which gets down to -304.

The Process

Once I got inside she raised me up into the chamber. I handed my robe to her and kept my socks on. I also had some big mittens on my hands and I held my hands up near my face the entire time. The entire session only lasted three minutes but it does seem to be longer than that because you are freezing your butt off the entire time literally. I had to keep changing my position.  I would turn from left to center to right and bent to my knees quite a bit just to keep my blood flowing as I listened to Hey Soul Sister and to be honest it went by quicker than I thought.

Localized Cryotherapy

Afterwards I did feel quite a rush of energy and then I had the chance to sit in a room and get localized cryotherapy on my wrist. The girl held the gun over my wrist for approximately four minutes. The laser showed her exactly where to go and I would also let her know if she was getting too close or if one area was getting too cold and she needed to switch positions. I like that NKD is very mindful of having the best equipment and making sure that everything is 100% safe
Finally I got to have a cryo-facial which felt extremely relaxing and lovely. I laid back while she just misted the nitrogen vaper over my face. Supposedly, it can help build collagen and relax fine lines and it did give me a nice little glow for the rest of the day.
Overall I liked it and some people swear by the benefits of cryotherapy. I don’t know if it is something that I would do on a regular basis but I do know that my wrist felt better as did my ribs.
The people at NKD are extremely knowledgeable and very very kind. They offer you tea and  make sure you’re comfortable as well as they make sure you’re fully aware of everything that’s going on and you’re not scared to try out the treatments.


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