Creating A Home Gym Fit For Exercise, Not Distraction

When it comes to creating a home gym, there may be many initial concerns in your mind. The first might be where you will find the space. The second, how you will collect and afford the equipment, and know the best pieces to buy. You may also be concerned about how you will exercise and train at home, what with so many other distractions.

These concerns are normal and common, and happily, you’re now in the right place to deal with them! This guide will take you through the various things you need to do to create a home gym. However, here’s the key. Creating a home gym that motivates and aids you, and does not distract you! Read on to find out more…

home-gym 1) Find the space

The first thing you need to do in order to create a home gym is to find the space for it. First up, consider the rooms in the main part of your house. Do you have a reception room that nobody ever uses or goes in? Was it created to be a dining room, yet everyone eats in the kitchen and living room anyway?

Alternatively, is there a spare room upstairs? This might be a room that is currently used for storage (AKA throwing things in and shutting the door quickly!) If you don’t have a space like this, thing up and down. Do you have an attic or basement? Are either suitable for renovation? You may need a professional to come in and check the floors and ceilings here. If you want to use the room, both may need strengthening first. If you still don’t have your space by this point, the last thing to think about is out. Can you turn your garage or shed into a home gym, or could you build a dedicated structure in the garden?

Whichever space you decide to go with, in the end, keep potential levels of distraction in mind. If you have kids, are you going to be continuously disturbed by them? If you have pets, can you keep them out of the room while you do your exercising in peace? Getting the room right is the starting point to an ideal home gym.

2) Find the equipment

Now you have your space; you need to start thinking about equipment. Don’t be pressured by what others used or what friends say is best. Listen to your gut instinct and invest in the items you believe you will get the most out of. After all, there is no point buying a treadmill for example if you prefer to run in the local park! On the topic of investment, don’t panic about how you can pay for the items. If you have a home gym, you can quit your usual gym. Membership is expensive, and so can the cost of commuting there and back. Once you quit, this money goes back into your pocket.

If you have the savings, you can, of course, buy all of your pieces at once. But equally, there is no harm in building up your collection over a number of months. Start off with the basic equipment that you will use often. So, spinning bikes will always be used and appreciated, as will a selection of weights. Starting off your collection with these two sets of equipment is wise because it allows you to combine cardio with weight training. Of course, variety in how you train is important, and this allows for you.

It is also a good idea to make a dedicated space and find the equipment for stretching. How about fitting one wall with mirrors. In front, place a permanent mat suitable for Yoga, Pilates or other floor stretches. The mirror will help you check that you are doing your movements correctly. It will also make the space you are working out in look bigger and more spacious! Bonus!

3) Creating a great environment

Making your home gym a place that you love to be in is all in the finishing touches. Firstly, think about lighting. Does dark, moody lighting get you in the mood for training? Or, do you prefer to vibe of lightness and brightness? Also, give some thought to music. Most of us love to exercise to music. We find that it spurs us on and makes us push further. So, consider installing some wall speakers into your gym. This will allow you to create a loud volume to fill the space. Plus, it will stop you from getting distracted from other things. If music isn’t the thing for you, how about installing a TV screen to distract yourself with the news or a comedy?


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