Crazy Ways To Get Fit You Need To Give A Go!

Interesting in getting fit and getting back in shape? Then you need to start exercising more! But rather than just going for your average run, try something a little different in the New Year. While some of these ideas might sound crazy or a little weird, you’d be surprised by the results. 

Slide Down That Pole!

Contrary to popular belief pole dancing doesn’t have to be about sex and titillation. Although it has been used for this purpose in the past, it is now being embraced as a sport unto itself. Pole dancing works every muscle your calves, thighs, abdominals, biceps and back are all used when you pole dance. There’s a reason these dancers are in such good shape. If you ask them, they’ll tell you they don’t have to exercise outside their job, they get a full on work out on stage. Pole dancing isn’t just a fitness wonder, it’s also a lot of fun. Just wait until your first time climbing to the top and then sliding down without using your hands, it feels so liberating and has massive fitness benefits.

Suspend Your Disbelief And Your Body

Some people see suspension fitness as the new fad; but fitness experts argue that it’s here to stay. Like pole dancing, you can see why.  Dynamic suspension trainers are really fun, with their use of pulley systems that help you exercise with complete agility. You can bounce in the air like a bungee jumper, or pull on them to add weight to your body to perform a number of different exercises. The possibilities here are almost endless, making the sport appealing to people. You’re not tied down and free to exercise however you like. Fitness buffs think this form of exercise is going to catch on, and I’m inclined to agree!

Hula Hoop Hijinks

Remember swinging a hula hoop as a kid on the playground?  You probably never realized how much you were working out your abdominal muscles! A hula hoop is a great  way to work your core and get fit. My mom is seriously impressive with a hula hoop. It can be hard to get the swing of it at first; but give it some time and you will get better and better and have the abs of your dreams. They even make weighted hula hoops these days. 

Bounce Off The Pounds

Or finally, how about copying Tigger with a good old bounce. It’s become quite popular to bounce your way to a better body using mini trampolines. Bouncing up and down on the tramp will certainly have you working up a sweat. You can try star jumps, skier bounces, tucks, and other exercises while you’re in the air to really amp up the intensity. If you can’t bounce for a consecutive twenty to thirty minutes, mix it up with the full body exercises off the tramp in between periods of jumping. 

I hope you have a wonderful time trying out these new exercises in the gym or at home; and let me know in the comments below if you’ve discovered any new fun ways to get fit that might not be your typical types of workouts!

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