Coregasm: What Exactly Is it?

Have you felt a buildup of sexual pleasure while going through your workout routine? That is a coregasm and it’s very normal to experience one when getting your reps in. Read on to find out more about it.

What is a coregasm?

A coregasm is an exercise-induced orgasm. When you’re doing exercises that engage your core — more specifically the muscles around your pelvic region — you might find yourself enjoying the workout more than usual.

When you engage the pelvic floor muscles, you are likely to stimulate the nerve endings that are responsible for sexual pleasure. Because of this, a coregasm is sometimes referred to as an exercise-induced orgasm.

Sometimes you might experience the sexual pleasure but will not climax. This is what is referred to as exercise-induced sexual pleasure.

How does this feeling come about?

Not much is known about the exact nature of exercise-induced sexual pleasure and the resultant orgasms. Scientists posit a theory that the coregasm is a result of the stimulation of the muscles of the pelvis during some exercises that are a part of your workout.

When the muscles in your abdominal and pelvic areas are nearly drained from your workout, they are more susceptible to more stimulation that occurs when you push yourself further. In the women, you stimulate the pelvic floor whereas in the men it’s the area around the prostate.

Now, although you might know the group of muscles that are likely to be involved, there’s no specific range of motion that you can always do to set off the coregasm. Matter of fact, you cannot call upon your sexual thoughts and fantasies to evoke the orgasm. The coregasm is an asexual experience.

Even if you don’t have to think about anything sexual, you can get a deep vaginal orgasm from your exercises. There’s the usual buildup of pleasure, peak and then finally a release. However, this will be a tad less intense and delightful when compared to the vaginal and clitoral orgasms you get from masturbation or sex.

What exercises are likely to result in a coregasm?

There are plenty of exercises that engage the earlier mentioned group of muscles. You may not always get the coregasm but with these, there’s a higher chance of adding a pleasurable dimension to your workout session.

These are some of the exercises that can give you a coregasm:

  • crunches
  • flutter kicks
  • planks
  • knee lifts
  • leg lifts
  • rope climbs
  • hip thrusts

What all these exercises have in common is that they engage your core muscles. Some women also report getting a coregasm when they hold certain poses during yoga. For example, when you go into the pigeon pose, you engage your open hips ensuring that the pelvic muscles are working.

Sometimes lifting weights also causes coregasms. A study also found that some women get exercise-induced sexual pleasure when they ride bikes.

How can you experience a coregasm?

Though it’s not a given that you will experience an orgasm when you’re doing the above-mentioned exercises, there are some things you can do to increase your chances.

For starters, orgasms are more likely to occur when the responsible organs are well supplied with blood. You can always start off your workout with a half hour of cardio to get the blood flowing. Then, do your exercises targeting the abs with high intensity or getting in as many reps as possible.

Just as with sex, your mind needs to be in the right place lest you lose track of the buildup. You should focus intently on the exercise, ensuring that you’re engaging all the core muscles required of the particular exercise you are doing.


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One thought on “Coregasm: What Exactly Is it?”

  • Hi There, I was reading your article and I wanted to mention the more you try to induce your coregasms you are able to control when and how to get them. I havent found a way to completely avoid them but something that helps is breathing deep and breathing through continued reps and the feeling disappears. Also, if you know when it’s coming you are able to stop or change the exercise then the feeling goes away.

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