Coffee IS Healthy: 5 Research Backed Reasons Moms Should Drink More Coffee

Momming can be stressful. I don’t have first hand experience, but I’ve seen the look on my mother’s face (it was my brother, I swear) and I can tell it’s a difficult job.

Coffee is here to help, and below are 5 research backed reasons why moms should be drinking more of it.

#1.  Reduces Soreness and Improves Physical Performance

There are so many things on a mom’s daily to-do list that exhaustion is hardly an option. Yet many studies have shown how just a single cup of coffee can enhance your overall physical performance.

Additionally, coffee dampens your perception of exertion, making you feel like you’re doing less work than you actually are. However, the best part is that after all that hard work, the coffee you drank will reduce muscle soreness.

No matter how busy you get, it’s important to take care of yourself.

#2.  Pregnant Women Can Drink Coffee Too

There are many myths about coffee floating around the internet, one of which is that pregnant women shouldn’t drink it, which isn’t entirely true.

There is a small caveat to this busted myth: it’s ok for a pregnant woman to have one cup of coffee a day, but any more than that is a risk. One study has linked caffeine consumption to risk of miscarriage and low birth weight.

The maximum amount of caffeine a pregnant woman should have in a day is 200 mg, or roughly one 10 oz. cup of coffee. Though it’s not bad to have coffee while pregnant, it is important to watch your intake.

coffee-benefits #3.  Can Reduce Your Risk to Cancer

There are so many known carcinogens out there that it is often hard to keep track. Fortunately, coffee isn’t one of them, and it has actually been shown to reduce cancer risk.

Coffee has been shown to help prevent breast cancer, leukemia, bladder cancer, and pancreatic cancer.

coffee #4.  Large Source of Antioxidants

Forget the fruits (but not the wine), coffee is one of the largest sources of antioxidants by far. Maintaining a healthy diet of antioxidant-rich foods will reduce your risk to a number of deadly diseases.

Compared to fruits, coffee contributes 600% more antioxidants, and if you make a standard part of your meals, it will easily make up the bulk of your antioxidant intake. I’m not saying to chug a pot after each meal, but a small cup would be enough to make your body happy.

coffee-benefit #5.  Improves Blood Circulation

You may have already dropped this fact into the “myth” category, but it is actually true. Several studies have shown that caffeine leads to a significant increase in blood flow.

Another study showed that it was coffee specifically, not caffeine, that lead to the increase in blood flow.

With increased blood circulation, you can expect to benefit from the following, all of which will help you become a happier, more energetic mom!

So there you have it – next time someone tells you that you should quit coffee because you’re a mom, you’ve got news for them! If you want to read more about the health benefits of coffee check out the complete list of coffee health benefits here.

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Alex’s love of coffee takes him around the world, brewing and sampling beans from all corners of the globe. Say Hello to him on Twitter or catch up on his caffeinated ramblings over at HomeGrounds.


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