Classtivity–“Because finding a class shouldn’t be harder than taking one!”

Classtivity–“Because finding a class shouldn’t be harder than taking one!”

One of my favorite things about school as a kid, was all the different classes I got to take. I still cherish taking classes, and I LOVE to learn. I find one of my greatest joys as a yoga and Pilates teacher, is how much I continue to learn from my students and clients. Recently, I’ve found myself wanting to expand my horizons and take advantage of all the amazing classes NYC has to offer.

One of the biggest joys of living in Manhattan, is the endless resource of incredible teachers and variety of learning experiences–from dance to painting to photography to cooking classes, there is so much to take advantage of! I’d like nothing more than to find a great activity for my husband and I to do once a week together as well.

I recently met the creator, Payal Kadakia, of an awesome new service called Classtivity. Classtivity lists thousands of classes that are easy to sift through and then book a spot. Amenities, prices, reviews are posted to aid in the decision making process. It’s convenient, quick, fun and user friendly.

Payal is a brilliant, beautiful, warm, creative young woman who created this site from her own experience of wanting to take a dance class one evening. She spent so much time on line looking for the right class, she found it took longer to find a class then to take a class. Soon, Classtivity was born.


Classtivity is currently only in NYC but on it’s way to LA and SF next. I’m sure Classtivity will eventually be in all metropolitan areas; and it will stimulate us at every stage of our lives to keep growing and learning.

School is officially back in session for only some of us. If you’ve found it’s been a while since you’ve taken a class, jump on line and check out Classtivity. Even if you don’t live in Manhattan, it will inspire you to do something creative in your home town.

Check out my interview here on Classtivity.

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