Choosing The Right Yoga Mat

Whether you’re a regular practitioner or just beginning, buying a great yoga mat to practice yoga should be on the top of your list! Of course, there isn’t a universal, perfect mat. But there are mats out there that are better for some practices and people than others.

There are some common wants and likes that practitioners of yoga have regarding mats. Here is a list of things that you should be on the look out for when buying a mat.

Typically, you want to consider:

– What sort of traction the mat you’re looking at has. Chances are you don’t want your mat slipping and sliding while you’re doing your poses, especially those more advanced one.

– How dense and weighty the mat is, as you’ll be having to lug it back and forth from yoga class. However, this may not be as big of a factor for those of you who practice at home.

– Whether or not you find the mat comfortable, and if you think that level of comfort will hold up against a carpeted or even hardwood floor.

– If the mat you’re considering purchasing is known for its durability. You don’t want to have to go right back out and buy another just because your seemingly perfect mat has flattened or torn straight away.

– How big the mat itself is. Some men and women need longer or wider mats. Be sure to carefully look over the dimensions before you purchase a mat, to make sure that it’s right for you.

– If you like to stand out, or just like to have something a little more tranquil or harmonizing than the standard dark blue, color can also be a factor. Many brands offer a great variety of colors and patterns, but some don’t.

Now you may be wondering why all of this is important. It all boils down to you.

Choosing a great mat, the perfect one for you, is incredibly important because you need something that is going to keep you comfortable, safe, and happy while you’re practicing your poses.

When you’re trying out new or more complicated poses, you shouldn’t have to worry that the mat will slip out from under you. Not only is it a bummer, it can be dangerous, too. Even if it’s just a mild inconvenience, you shouldn’t have to constantly stop what you’re doing to readjust your mat.

Likewise, it shouldn’t be an added exercise just to pull out your mat. Yoga is meant to invoke eustress, not stress-stress.

Comfort is a huge deal, especially for beginners. A typical session can last about an hour. You shouldn’t have to come out of it with a sore bottom or aching joints.

Durability is key, as well. If you find your ideal mat but it can’t keep the qualities you love or it tears and rips right away, there’s really no point in buying it. Find a mat that will stay in a comfortable, working condition for a while. It will help save you money and headaches.

The size of the mat is also important. Many people who are new to yoga just choose a standard mat and find that it’s uncomfortably small. You should make sure that you’re buying a mat that fits and suits you.

Yoga can be a life saver – literally – and it’s accessible for everyone. There are programs for old, young, thick, thin, sick and well. It is genderless and timeless. You can practice at home or in a class. Oftentimes the only thing really standing between someone who wants to achieve better health and inner peace is a great mat to do it on.

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