Chair Yoga for The Upper Body: Help for Computer Heads and Others

Do you suffer from “forward head syndrome”? Many people who work at computers every day do. Rounded shoulders and computer-related eyestrain are real problems. Sitting in a desk seat or chair all day and using computers, phones, and tablets all the time causes tension in the upper body. If this sounds familiar, take a break, and do some chair yoga for the upper body!

Our upper bodies hold the weight of the world. We hold most of our tension in our head, neck, and shoulders. It’s incredible how often I find myself clenching my jaw or pursing my lips when I’m seated. Stopping to give our head, neck, and shoulders a break throughout the day is crucial. Releasing tension in the head and neck will help your body stay strong while promoting a healthy mind and spirit.

Benefits of Chair Yoga for the Upper Body

If you notice your shoulders are often near your ears instead of relaxed down, you probably have a lot of strain in the upper body region as well. Tights shoulders also affect the wrists and hands and vice versa. If you have tight, weak, or overused wrists and fingers, tension can creep into your shoulders and neck. Chair yoga for the upper body can help relieve this tension.

Yoga is truly about longevity and finding a way to maintain our physical body. Yoga brings awareness to the ways we misuse our bodies and helps us bring balance back into our life. Sitting for long periods of time at a desk, in a car, on a plane, on a couch, or at a table isn’t ideal for our physical well-being. Yoga can help bring awareness to parts of the body we often ignore.

Stretches for the Upper Body

Chair yoga for the upper body includes stretches you can do independently or in sequence. The basic exercises are neck and head stretches you can do easily in any seated position. Letting go of tension in the head and neck region can make a world of difference in your energy, mood, and even breathing.

Our head weights quite a bit, around ten or eleven pounds. As you can imagine, it’s a lot of work to support that weight! We use our brain all day as well. So, it’s time we gave it some much-needed TLC.

Don’t Forget the Breath

Our lungs come all the way up to our collarbones! You won’t believe how much more space you can create for full, deep breaths when you free up the head and neck. Remember how important proper breathing is to overall well-being.

Chair yoga for the upper body is an opportunity to have fun and release tension in a way that lets you stay strong and flexible, happy and stress free. It also feels as good as a massage! You can learn the specific exercises in chapter 3 of my book, Chair Yoga: Sit, Stretch, and Strengthen Your Way to a Happier, Healthier You.

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