CHAIR YOGA! My Book Releases Today On Amazon!!!

As many who follow my journey will know, my babies are my number one priority. The past year has been filled with excitement and love, as I spent time with my toddler Timothy and welcomed my twin boys, Robert and William, in December. What may be lesser known is that I also spent the past year working tirelessly on another baby: my first book, titled Chair Yoga: Sit, Stretch and Strengthen Yourself to a Happier, Healthier You through Harper Collins. Chair Yoga is finally launching today, and I am so excited to share it with everyone! The book contains over one hundred yoga poses and exercises that can be done anytime, anywhere. If I do say so myself, it’s the perfect solution for those of us who don’t have time to get in a full workout or yoga routine during their busy days.

Finding time to move and breathe is especially important today. Many people live extremely sedentary lives, between commuting to work, sitting in front of computers in the office, and sinking into the couch to watch TV at the end of a long day. Recent research has shown that all this sitting is taking a toll. The World Health Organization stated that physical inactivity is the fourth-leading risk factor for people around the world, as it’s been linked to diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure, and postural and muscular problems, just to name a few. The exercises provided in Chair Yoga are easy to fit into even our busiest days, and can help combat the negative impacts of sitting by reducing muscle pain and tension, decreasing mental stress, and aiding in digestion.

One of my favorite warm ups from the book is ‘Sun Salutations with Twists.’ Yoga twists are among the best things you can do for your spine and core, which are often in compromising positions when slouched over at your desk. Sun Salutations with Twists is a great series if you have a kink in your back or shoulders, feel stuck in your mood, or having sluggish digestion. Below I’ve included step-by-step instructions and photos of this move, as a sneak preview of the book’s content.

Start seated at the edge of your chair with your feet hip width apart and planted flat on the floor. Inhale lift your arms up overhead and press your palms together. As you exhale, start twisting to your right, placing your right hand behind you on the top of the chair and your left hand on your right knee. Inhale back up through center and press your palms again, then exhale, twist to your left. Repeat three to five repetitions and on your last series, you can hold the twist for five to eight breaths on each side.











And it’s as simple as that! These poses, in combination with the many others included in my book, will gradually help you stretch and strengthen your body. Chair Yoga can be purchased here. I hope you enjoy, and benefit from the exercises as much as I do!


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