Why Chair Yoga Could Be the Answer to Your Fitness Woes

More and more of us are leading sedentary lifestyles these days, and we find it challenging to make fitness a priority in our busy lives. If you’ve never considered yoga, it’s probably because you think it’s only for the young and fit. That’s not the case! Yoga is good for everyone, from kids to seniors. If you’ve never tried yoga, have physical limitations, or would simply prefer a gentler workout, why not give chair yoga a try?

You’ve probably heard the expression, “No pain, no gain,” right? That’s dangerous thinking when it comes to exercise. The goal is not to cause undue wear and tear on the body; the goal is to create a habit of physical activity that you can maintain in the long term. It’s about getting maximum benefit safely, without causing damage, pain, and injury to the body. That’s why chair yoga is a great workout for many people: It provides a solid workout that builds strength and flexibility without the impact. It also improves circulation, which can be a problem for those who spend too much time in a sedentary state. Let’s look at a few of the many benefits of chair yoga in more detail.

Strong body

Older people or people with limited mobility may be under the impression that there aren’t any options for exercises they can do that will increase their strength. Chair yoga is the perfect answer, because it does not require the same degree of balance and flexibility as traditional yoga (or other exercise programs) and yet it still offers strength-building benefits. The stronger we are, the fewer injuries we’ll sustain and the longer we’ll be able to live independently as we get older

More flexibility

If you spend a lot of time sitting, your flexibility is probably going to be compromised. When muscles aren’t used, they don’t remain supple and flexible, leading to pain, and stiffness. Chair yoga can increase one’s flexibility dramatically, allowing them to more easily carry out a million different daily tasks with which they may have previously struggled.

Reduced stress levels

Our lives are stressful; there’s no denying that. Between work, social engagements, kids, and the million other directions in which we are pulled every day, it can be very easy to experience the effects of stress on the body. Because yoga is about the connection of the mind and the body, it can have a positive effect on one’s mental state as well as on the body.

Better coordination

As we age, our co-ordination can be diminished. When that happens, falls and injuries can result. Even in younger people, conditions such as MS can cause challenges where coordination is concerned. Chair yoga is a safe way to improve one’s coordination and, as a result, reduce the risk of falling.

Pain management

Yoga can also help us to manage our pain, whether recovering from illness or injury, or simply the aches and pains associated with getting older. If you’ve been looking for a way to get some physical activity but worry that your current physical condition may preclude you from participation, consider giving chair yoga a try.

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