Caveman Cookies!

cavemen-chef I have never met a cookie I don’t like! Being pregnant, it’s harder to resist a delicious cookie (or 2 or 3!) mid afternoon or after dinner. I recently discovered a delicious, nutritious cookie that’s 100% natural, chewy and satisfying. Caveman cookies were created by Stephanie Lester, a former attorney who wanted to start a business dedicated to promoting a healthy, natural lifestyle and wholesome eating.

Caveman Cookies individually wrapped Caveman cookies follow the paleo diet principles (eating foods that our early ancestors primarily ate) and are made with nuts, honey and berries. Each cookie is only 65-75 calories, gluten free, dairy free, a good source of protein and 100% natural. Because of the healthy fats, they really fill you up and help you from eating too many in one sitting. I love that they are individually wrapped for perfect portion control and portability.

Caveman Cookies Original Caveman Cookies made from honey, almond meal, walnuts, raisins, ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon, taste very similar to an oatmeal raisin cookie. The Tropical Caveman cookies have coconut, ginger and macadamia nuts in them and remind me of a healthy version of cowboy cookies. The Alpine Caveman Cookies are made with hazelnut meal and toasted carob and go great with a cup of tea mid day or after dinner. I love the Rainforest Caveman Cookies made with honey, brazil nut meal, dried cherries, nutmeg and cayenne pepper, after a yoga class. The New World Caveman Cookies combine maple syrup, pecan meal, dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds, they’re really good for breakfast with a hard boiled egg and a glass of milk or almond milk.

Caveman Cookies boxes I can’t choose a favorite, they are all so tasty! To learn more about Caveman Cookies or to purchase some, visit

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