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It can be hard not to get confused when it comes to taking vitamins and minerals. There is so much information out there these days. It’s not easy to know what we should or shouldn’t be supplementing with. The best way to get our vitamins, minerals and antioxidants is always with whole foods; but sometimes we may be deficient in something, or have certain needs that can’t be met from our diet alone.
Of course when I was pregnant each time, I added a prenatal vitamin that had extra DHA in it. DHA is great for a baby’s brain development. Now that I’m nursing, I’m not 100% sure what to take. I recently discovered a pretty cool company that caters to your specific needs. Every body is different so it makes sense to tailor your supplements to meet your lifestyle.
Care/Of  has you fill out a profile describing everything about your lifestyle and then comes up with suggestions for you. I realized I could use a little extra Vitamin D, magnesium, calcium and fish oil and a probiotic blend. I also had something called rhodiola rosea recommended. Naturopathic doctors, herbalists and midwives all say that this herb is a pregnancy safe adrenal energy tonic and safe while nursing. It is great for increasing resilience to stress which is very common for moms!
Once you fill out your profile on Care/Of  your sent a box of personalized daily vitamin packs monthly. The company really focuses on three things:

Honest guidance.

They are very transparent on scientific research, product histories and sourcing. They always show their work and tailor the guidance to each individual.

Better ingredients.

Their research and development team is obsessive about quality. They’ve dedicated their careers to it and traveled the globe to deliver the most effective, bio-available ingredients. Everything is encapsulated and tested in the United States.

Personalized for you.

We’re all unique (hurrah!). But with the differences in our goals and lifestyles, the idea of a mass-market multivitamin is outdated. The most compelling research on supplements is for specific populations. They will help find what’s right for you.

I love having all of my vitamins in one cute little packet with my name on it. I can also change things monthly since my goals and lifestyle will always be changing. If you’re interested in checking them out you can use my code McGee50 and get 50% off.

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