Candy Control

Candy Control

Halloween is on it’s way and it is always such a fun day! I love to see everyone dressed in their costumes, I adore carving pumpkins and I get so excited if any trick or treaters come my way. I live in a walk-up apartment in Manhattan so unfortunately I don’t have too many visitors, which means I end up with bags of left over Halloween candy. I try not to let it scare me and instead just enjoy my one sweet a day. Here are some of my tricks for not eating all of my treats:

*Freeze your chocolates–I keep a bag of Dove Dark Chocolates in my freezer year round. Almost every night after dinner I unwrap and savor one. I love the little inspirational sayings inside each one. Because it’s frozen, the chocolate takes longer to melt in my mouth and to eat. I have time to truly savor the flavor and enjoy it thoroughly, which usually keeps me from wanting any more. Knowing that I can have one every night also keeps me from feeling restricted and then going overboard. Immediately freeze any leftover Halloween chocolates you have and savor one each night if you wish!

*Take advantage of the automatic portion control–Halloween candy makes for great treats because it’s usually mini sized with minimal calories. Pack one in your lunch each day or take a few pieces with you to work to have as your afternoon treat with a piece of fruit and a cup of tea. Store all the rest out of sight (freezer, cabinet, desk drawer, etc.) so you don’t mindlessly grab one every time you see them on display. If you do have a bowl out, leave the empty wrappers around so you can see how many you are eating in each sitting. If you see the damage, your less likely to over indulge.

*Have something healthy first–I recommend bringing fruit or a piece of string cheese to eat your treat with; or having the treat after a meal so you aren’t just filling up with empty calories and setting yourself up for blood sugar crashes throughout the day. You could also have your sweet fix at breakfast. Recent studies have shown that eating a dessert or sweet with your morning meal can even help you lose weight (if you are on a restricted calorie diet) by controlling hunger hormones.

*Have a swap! When I was a kid, one of my most favorite things to do after trick or treating was to go home dump all my candy out on the floor then trade with my younger brother who had his own pile of loot. I would grab his milk duds, he’d take my Nerds and we’d go on negotiating until we had all of our favorites. After we did our exchange, all the candy left that neither of us liked went in the garbage. Now you can DONATE (this is amazing blog post on with some ideas) the candy you don’t like, keep some of your favorites and give the rest away. Moral of the story: don’t eat it just because it’s there, only save and eat the ones you really like. Then, feel great about yourself by doing good!

Happy Halloween!

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