BurnAlong, Workout With Your Friends & Family From Anywhere!

Hey guys!
ba_web_session-group-live-v6-screen-402x298 Just wanted to tell you about a new fun project I worked on called BurnAlong. The brainchild of co-founders Daniel Freedman and Mike Kott, BurnAlong, was created so they and their wives could workout and get in shape with their friends even when couldn’t meet them physically at the gym or in a class. These days, so many of us are overextended and we want to see our friends or family members and workout together; but life gets in the way.

Often times, we give up or end up not going when our schedules are off. With BurnAlong you can make sure to “meet” up with your friends and/or family members remotely and share an experience together regardless if you live in the same town or not.
Now you will never miss a workout again!

When life gets in the way, keep up your routine and take my classes online by going to www.BurnAlong.com. You can do it on your own or live with the friends you invite. Kinda cool right?! Your favorite classes, with your friends, when you want.  I recorded the first yoga series while pregnant, but the workouts are accessible to everyone.

The really cool thing about BurnAlong, is you can share my postnatal journey as well. I will make sure to record all sorts of fun yoga flows and Pilates workouts that you can do with me while I get back in shape. You can also request classes from me and anything else you want! Or schedule live privates as well.

This is a brand new company that hasn’t opened up to the public yet – my members have advance access.
Click here and use code: KM56 and get the first month free or get a discount rate for a 1 year subscription.
This is a great way to introduce me to your friends!  See you at www.burnalong.com!!!

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