Bubbles & Balloons

IMG_0344 What amazes me the most about being a mom, is seeing everything through Timothy’s little eyes. I am so blown away every day by his observations and his joy. Timothy gets excited over the tiniest things–turning on and off a light switch, pushing an elevator button, getting a balloon, or watching bubbles being blown. Life is a discovery for him and everything is for exploring. I truly think if we all as adults carried this attitude around with us, we would be the happiest people.

IMG_0396 Many of us, myself included, can get caught up in living for the weekend, or the next vacation, or the next holiday; instead of living for each moment. Children only know how to be present and in the moment, and it’s quite wonderful. I get so upset with myself when I’m busy checking emails, making plans, scheduling events, all while hanging out with Timothy. I really have to put my phone away and remind myself to just be. It’s so magical when I am fully present with my son and I can lose myself in a moment.

IMG_0711 There are times Timothy and I sit and listen to his music over and over again, or play with his barn or kitchen, or run around the house playing chase, or playing peek a boo games on the couch. I have so much fun with my son; and I get excited and inspired all of a sudden now when I see balls or bubbles or elevator buttons. He’s teaching me daily to slow down and enjoy the little things in life.

IMG_0396 If we can appreciate the tiny gifts that are surrounding us every day, we can start to experience true joy and feel complete and happy. Practicing yoga is a great place to start learning how to live in the moment; as well as being able to spend time with babies or animals. A usual 5 minute walk on our own can turn in to a 20 or 30 minute tour when walking with a little one or a dog. It’s so great to discover that all we really need in life is a little inspiration, a lot of curiosity, and a few balloons!

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