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My life is such a hustle all of the time from running around teaching to taking classes and going out with the kids. When I come home I like to be able to walk in the door and feel a sense of serenity and tranquility. The boys immediately run at me when I get home, which I love; but there’s not much breathing room! It’s nice to come home to a place that is relaxing and calming. Walking in the door immediately makes me feel better when I see my amazing kiddos and feel the peace I’ve created in our hectic apartment.

Feng shui

Feng shui, a system of laws that focuses on the flow of energy in spatial arrangement and orientation. I like to integrate some of these concepts in my home. It helps with positive energy and relaxation for the mind and soul. Feng shui can make your home more zen.

Make Your Home More Zen

Stres is the enemy of good health. And since it’s hard to control stress-inducing circumstances on the subway, at the office, or in traffic, it makes sense to start somewhere simpler at home. Your home should be a place for you to relax and shut the world out. “Studies have found that your home’s design seriously can affect your state of mind, especially if you’re living in a New York City apartment prone to maddening features like no closets and six inches of walking space between your bed and the wall.” Lisa Elaine Held

A few zen ideas for your home are to de-clutter and get organized, Bring the outside inside, Consider cool colors, lighting, and symmetry.

Art in Your Home

Art is also a big part of Feng shui, the things you have on your walls can make your home feel like a home. Looking at a piece of art can take you to another world and make you feel that much better.  Art can liven up your apartment and make it feel like a home.
I love sayings and quotes, just seeing the word “breathe” makes me feel better. It’s a great reminder in this chaotic world to take a moment and step back. In my yoga practice that is very important and in my home it is as well.
I recently got this canvas from Breathe Culture (Enso Breathe II) which I love! There is something about it that just makes you feel better when you are looking at it. The open ensō leaves room for the spirit to flow in and out of the circle of emptiness; allowing it to breathe. Breath and emptiness are core ingredients to a fulfilling spiritual life. Art, feng shui and zen all come together with this one canvas.

Breathe Culture

They aim to inspire everyone to live a breathe-ful life. Breathe culture says that many people hold their breathe more than they should. They believe everyone can be happier if they focus more on their breathe.

There selection of zen canvas bring peace to your home and inspire you to breathe better. There goal is  to provide  artworks that resonates best with you. Whether it’s a buddha, an enso symbol, powerful typography, or calming landscape that helps find your breathe.


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