Boost Your Butt with 2 Easy Moves!

To build a better booty, it’s important to work the gluteus maximus, the posterior (or back side of the butt) and the gluteus medius, the outer side of the buttocks. One way you can sculpt these two areas of the buttocks, is through squats and lateral lunges; but this kind of standing work is hard to do without letting the quadriceps take over.

I personally love to target my butt from an all fours position. When you’re on hands and knees, it’s easier to keep the quads disengaged and focus mainly on the glutes and hamstrings to do all of the work. You also really strengthen the abs, obliques and back muscles when doing these exercises; and this helps to cinch the waist and boost the butt even better!

Butt_001 Donkey kick These two easy moves can be done anywhere and anytime; and all you need is your own body. Start on all fours and engage your abdominals. Lift your right leg up off of the mat and pull the knee towards the nose. Keeping the knee bent, press the heel up towards the ceiling and squeeze the buttocks. Continue pulling in and pressing up for 20 repetitions. After the last rep, stop and pulse the heel up 20 times to really tone the gluteus maximus.

Peeing Dog Butt_005 Next, keep the leg in the air but open the knee to the side like a peeing dog at a fire hydrant. Then, pull the knee towards the shoulder and back to it’s starting position 20 times. Imagine you have a shelf under your thigh so the leg stays lifted and the knee doesn’t drop. On the final rep, keep the leg held out there and extend the leg straight, you’ll really feel the burn now in the outer hip and buttocks. Hold for at least 5 to 8 breaths before bringing the leg back to all fours.

Repeat the entire sequence on the opposite leg. You may want to do a pigeon stretch or child’s pose after completing the exercises to stretch out the glutes and back. Try doing this 3 to 4 times a week and you should start to see a difference in your butt in no time at all.

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