Blueberry Super Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

Smoothies are a great way to start your mornings. They’re easy to prepare, and depending on the ingredients are usually very healthy.

Here’s a recipe for a delicious blueberry smoothie that I love to start my morning with. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you don’t want to skip it, especially when you have a fantastic healthy smoothie you can quickly whip up and devour.


  • Coconut almond milk, 1 cup
  • Frozen blueberries, straight from the freezer. 1 cup
  • Greek yogurt, 1-2 tablespoons.
  • Ground flax seed powder, 1 tablespoon,
  • LSA powder (linseeds, sunflower seeds and almonds), 1 teaspoon (ground)
  • Protein powder, (optional)
  • Ice

Add them all in the blender, and blend them thoroughly (Minimum 15-20 seconds)

Why Blueberries?

Blueberries are great because they are low in calories, high in antioxidants and loaded with nutrients. Blueberries contain vitamin C and B6, along with potassium, folate, and fiber. These make it very good for your heart. It also has phenolic acids that work as antioxidants and fight colon cancer. It has calcium, magnesium, and potassium to help lower your blood pressure. It also has vitamin K, iron, zinc, and calcium that help with bone structure and strength.

Why LSA and Flax Seed Powder?

Flaxseed powder provides a stack of health benefits including omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and minerals that are good for your heart and immune system. It also provides fiber to make you feel full, lignans that can fight off some types of cancer, and vitamins that enable more efficient conversion of food into energy.

LSA is also loaded with protein. This makes you have fewer sugar cravings because the protein balances your blood sugar levels. It regulates your cholesterol, and it’s good for your heart and brain because of the ample amount of omega-3 fatty acids. It helps burn off fat cells, detoxes your liver, and keeps your bones and skin healthy.

No Sugar

This smoothie tastes great, without any added sweeteners or sugar. The absence of sweeteners prevents insulin spikes and keeps the smoothie super healthy.

It’s easy to make, especially if you use ground powder for LSA and flax seeds so that they all mix better. Try giving this recipe a go, you won’t be left disappointed, and your body will thank you later.

Joana is the editor in chief over at She’s a prolific blogger with a bachelor’s degree in Food and Nutrition and is deeply passionate about organic juicing, nutrition and fitness. She also loves helping others succeed with their health goals.






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