Blessings from Hurricane Sandy: Baby News!

Kristin4Months-394 Sometimes out of the darkest days (and we really were in the dark for a week!), comes some of the brightest moments. A few weeks after the devastation of hurricane Sandy, Tim and I discovered some great news–we were pregnant! I couldn’t believe it, I was beyond thrilled and also very cautious to spread the word too quickly. I made it through a very nauseas first trimester, missing out on most of the delicious holiday fare. I really only had an appetite for toast, crackers, toasted english muffins with cream cheese and macaroni and cheese. I felt similarly to Princess Kate and even managed to throw up in an off-Broadway theater unfortunately. I even made it in to the NY POST (anonymously at least)!

Fertility Chicken Tim and I had been trying for a while. When I led my yoga retreat to Italy this past summer, one of my awesome students, Karyn, bought me a good luck fertility chicken in Matera. My sister-in-law’s sister, Amber, sent us her fertility statues as well. I started going to acupuncture regularly; and I had been mediating every morning. I made sure I was eating lots of fertility foods–eggs, olives, yams, lean proteins, etc. There were times when I just felt like, “Is this ever going to happen to me?”; yet I never gave up hope.

DSC04773 I thank my yoga and Pilates practice for keeping me grounded and positive throughout the entire process. During my first trimester, despite the illness, every time I did some yoga or Pilates, I felt 100% better afterwards. I’m in my second trimester now, my energy is back and I feel great every time I practice. I’m having fun discovering where I need to modify, and where I can still give it my all. I’m also incorporating strength training, lots of squats, lunges, back rows and pull ups to keep my body strong so I have the energy to give birth and to carry my baby afterwards. I’m planning on shooting a prenatal DVD and app, also if I can get it all organized in time. I’m just thrilled to share with you this news and to keep you posted of my journey along the way. Namaste Baby!!!

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