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My mom’s lemon meringue pie. It’s delicious. I can totally enjoy some. But WHY do I *always* try and get the biggest piece served? Why do I eat it at the table with my family engrossed in convo and not even remember what it tasted like? Did I chew? Did I spend my whole pie eating time stressing that there wouldn’t be enough for a second helping? Did I even want a second helping?

lemon-meringue-pie Why is it our best friend can just say no thank you to a piece of pie (that isn’t even her favorite)? Why does it feel like we lose our marbles in social eating situations? Forget social situations – our very own family dinner tables?? (and yes, your roommate, bestie and boyfriend all count as family too!)

What is it that we’re missing here? And why is it never just about the pie?

I get it. When we’re not living our lives the way we want to, whether that’s a relationship we’re in or not in, the home we live in and our food habits, we feel like we’re failing. Like there’s something we just aren’t getting, but everyone else is.

Sometimes practicing mindfulness around eating ie slowing down, savoring, taking a few breaths, only makes us more aware of the crazy that can surround our food choices.

We saw this come up for a bunch of Chewing Challengers – noticing one thing can lead us to notice something else, something bigger. As the individuals in this group focused on chewing their meals completely and being present with their meals, they started to have some very interesting observations like:

*“Does anyone else find that you do much better with chewing when you are alone, but around other people you fall back into old habits?”

*“We have heard that one should not eat when upset–I tended to ignore this because I couldn’t really tell the difference. Well, one morning there was a conflict in the house and I was a little unhappy. I ate my usual ample breakfast and ended up with a lead balloon in my stomach.”

*“Has anyone found that chewing meat in this challenge is actually rather horrible or just me?”

*“I feel guilty about not finishing all my food or don’t want to let myself eat out because I know I won’t finish it all 🙁 any advice on food guilt?”

A lot of the realizations have to do with chewing, but they bring to light much bigger issues that so many of us deal with around food, especially in social or group situations.

I’ve got A LOT to say on the matter and so it’s time to put my teaching hat on (plus I sooo need to hash out and reflect on this myself). Please join me this Thursday for a *FREE* workshop:


Overcome your crazy pants social eating habits,

know what to eat no matter your diet,

and find your own intuitive food voice

During this live workshop call we’re going to be covering the two biggest questions that came up in this Chewing Challenge group:


  1. How to manage eating in ALL social situations – out with the girls, big family meals, date night with your spouse, lunches ordered in at the office – we’re going to talk about the good, the bad, and the ridiculousness of it all.


  1. What foods you want really to be eating (and what they likely are and no this is not going to be another just cut out gluten and dairy convo). Spoiler alert: I’m going to be talking about a food that I’ve never recommended before.

→ Click here to register for the call ←

If you can’t make the live call, register anyways and you’ll receive the call recording. I know getting the replay is helpful, but if you can, join us on THURSDAY SEPT. 15th, 12:30PM EST – I want all the live creative mojo inspired by a massive powerful group learning this new weight loss wisdom, TOGETHER!  Plus, we’ll be announcing a very *special* offer for everyone that joins live.

I can’t wait to talk to you!



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