Bestowed–Healthy Snacks, Food & Beverages Delivered to Your Door, ENTER TO WIN A BOX!

heather bauer Celebrity nutritionist, Heather Bauer, is a beautiful slim blonde with an infectious smile. Her warmth, intelligence and expertise makes her highly sought after in Manhattan. Heather has spent years recommending her favorite products to help her clients hit their weight loss goals. She told me one night she was lying in bed with her husband and said, “Why not create a box each month of my personal picks to send directly to people’s homes?” and that’s how BESTOWED was born.

Bestowed Boxes Heather curates each box every month and writes reviews on the Bestowed website and in the card that comes inside the box. She explains why each goodie is a product pick and also has suggestions on how and when to use the product. My bright colored box came filled with a full sized bag of crunchmaster mulit-seed crackers, a chocolate peanut butter quest bar, two packets of eat green tea, a package of chocolate crisp life ice, a square of perfect fuel dark chocolate, two packets of salba smart chia boost, two packets of skratch labs exercise hydration mix, a bottle of chocolate flavored zico coconut water and a little pouch of wild garden hummus dip. I was introduced to a few things I had never tried or heard of before; and very pleased to receive some of the items I already love, like the quest bar and hummus.

Bestowed Goodies Bestowed is an awesome way to start the new year off right. Sign up to get a healthy box delivered to you every month to remind you to stay on a healthy eating plan as well as gather new information on healthy snacks and foods to add to your diet. I felt like a big kid digging through it and finding more and more nutritious goodies. I love that Heather stands behind her picks and makes sure she is truly offering quality products. One of my readers will be lucky enough to win a January Bestowed box to kick start the New Year. Let me know in the comments below what makes you a good candidate, someone will be chosen by the end of the week. Make sure to let me know on my FB and twitter accounts too. Here’s to a fun filled, nutritious, exciting, healthy, yummy 2014!



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11 thoughts on “Bestowed–Healthy Snacks, Food & Beverages Delivered to Your Door, ENTER TO WIN A BOX!”

  • Awesome! I would love to try the bestowed box, as I am always on the lookout for healthy snacks for the office 🙂

  • Hello Kristin!
    I just finished a detox through Food Matters, and I’m always looking for ways to get healthy food into my family. Products keep improving their nutrition and becoming easier to find in regular grocery stores. I am so excited when I find an affordable alternative (especially if it’s quick and easy) to the old junk I used to grab for. So of course I would love to try some new things and share in the love of these products!
    Thanks for this opportunity!
    BTW; I whipped up 2 different protein recipes of Camilla’s this morning and I’m so excited to try some more!!!

  • Hi Kristen,
    I saw the picture above and it looks like a great idea to help with my hubbys fitness goals. He loves trying new things and loves his food. I think this box solves both issues and his healthy! Mybsuggestion to bestowed would be to have a his/hers box or like couples box or a bffs box 🙂 that ways you are more committed to your golas whn you and anither person order and workout together!! Or maybe a deal when you irder 2 boxes together 🙂

  • I would really appreciate one of these boxes because I want to start the new year right!! I have been constantly struggling with my weight and this would help me to be more diligent and motivated to achieving my goal. Thank you so much for hosting this prize.

  • I LOVE trying new things! I always like seeing what NEW healthy products are out there so I can keep switching them out with things that aren’t as healthy for me!

  • I would be a good candidate because my husband and I have decided to go on a diet that promote a healthy lifestyle and thus increase our longevity in life. We have learnt that there are many cancer causing foods and we have committed to stay away from them. This Bestowed box is perfect because it is made up of foods that are healthy and is just what our bodies need. Thanks for the chance!!

  • I would be a good candidate for this box because it would be a great way to introduce healthy foods and snacks to my husband and three sons as well as to me. I have made it a priority for this year to encourage healthy eating in my family since there is a family history of heart disease, high cholesterol and diabetes. I want to show my sons that it is possible to eat healthy and have it taste good.

  • Congratulations Kelsey you were chosen as the winner of a Bestowed box! Thank you everyone for you comments and stay tuned for more giveaways!

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