Best Yoga & Mindfulness Children’s Books to add to Your Holiday List!

Books always make the best gifts in my opinion. They are the gift that keeps on giving. My children learn so much from reading; and it’s such a special bonding experience when we sit and read together. Things have been intense; and I think it’s super important to find books that can help our little ones learn to connect with themselves, navigate their emotions, stimulate their minds and their bodies, and spark their creativity.

Thank You Mind

Thank You Mind is such a lovely book that helps kids learn how to manage their feelings. I love this book especially for my boys; since I think they don’t talk about their feelings so easily. It’s so important for children to learn how to express themselves and understand we all have tricky days. I personally learn from this book as an adult! I’m always trying to be less reactive. Jennifer Cohen Harper is the founder of Little Flower Yoga and has multiple books for kids on yoga and mindfulness.

Cookie Doughga

Cookie Dougha is a sweet book by Margot Harris, that helps kids explore 10 foundational yoga poses; as well as mindfulness techniques that can help quell anxiety and encourage focus and positivity. The story follows Maria and her mom as they bake cookies in the shapes of yoga postures and then practice them together. The book is helpful for kids to learn how to observe their minds and use yoga movements to help manage their emotions. My boys absolutely love this book and the fact that we also have cookie cutters shaped as yogis! Every time we read the book they want to make cookies and yoga shapes.


The Three Little Yogis

This is such a cute take on the tale of The Three Little Pigs. In this rendition, the wolf loses his huff and puff after meeting peaceful little yogis who help him learn to meditate and find his breath instead. We can all relate to being angry or wanting to destroy things. I see my twins doing this often! I loved how I could relate this to them getting frustrated and wanting to hit or knock something down, and instead, take a deep full breath first. Susan Verde is one of my favorite children’s book authors and has an entire collection of kids’ books which I highly recommend.


Reverie and Me 

I love this book that reminds kids to never give up on their dreams. Reverie, a unicorn, is the lead character who everyone doubts. She was about to give up but then decided to stop listening to everyone who didn’t believe in unicorns and started to believe in herself. I love to remind my boys that they should in themselves and their dreams, even when others doubt them because, with hard work and diligence, any dream can be achieved! All of the books published by Puppy Dogs & Ice cream are worth buying.

I hope you enjoy these book suggestions with your little ones. Let me know if you have any recommendations of your own!



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