All of us know that young children need lots of important minerals and vitamins for development and growth. Certain vitamins and minerals help kids in making muscles, bones; developing organs, skin; and battling infections. In fact, our bodies absorb minerals such as zinc, iodine, iron, calcium and vitamins A, B, C, D and E better when they come from foods, rather than supplements. Thus, the best way to provide your children with sufficient vitamins and minerals is feeding them with a wide variety of natural and fresh foods.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A plays a really important role in bone and vision growth of young children. It helps promotes the development and health of tissues and cells in their body, including skin, nails and hair; protect your babies from infection. You can find vitamin A in:

 Fortified fat spread

 Dairy product

 Mangoes, sweet potatoes or carrots

 Dark green vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and spinach

Vitamin C

As a powerful antioxidant, vitamin C can remove dangerous molecules from the body of your children. It also helps build and repair collagen (an important protein in our tissues and bones) as well as red blood cells; keep the gums of our kids healthy and strengthen blood vessels by minimizing bruising; boost their immune system, assist with healing and keep infection at bay. In addition, your body can absorb iron from foods easily with the presence of vitamin C.

Rich sources of vitamin C are mostly found in vegetables and fruits such as dark leafy green, orange, bell pepper, tomato, broccoli, strawberry, kiwi fruit, pea, citrus fruit and papaya. Bear in mind that some vitamin C can be lost when you cook those foods.

Vitamin D

Naturally, there are just small amounts of vitamin D in a few types of food such as butter, egg yolks, fish liver oil and oily fish. In addition, it is also added to another foods, including breakfast cereals and fat spreads. In fact, the best source of vitamin D for your children is undoubtedly from the sunlight when their skins are exposed to the sun. Some natural diaper rash creams also contains this element, so you need to consider carefully when buying.

The most important function of vitamin D is helping our body absorb adequate amount of calcium to build strong bones and teeth. It is also considered as a hormone, which makes contribution to insulin production, cell growth regulation and immune system health.

Vitamin E 

Often found in nuts, margarine, canola oils and sunflower, vitamin E is an inevitable element in boosting the immunity system of your kids by limiting the generation of free radicals, which could damage cells. In addition, it is also essential for DNA repair, metabolic processes and the development of healthy eyes as well as skin.


Contrary to common belief, vegetables and fruits such as mushrooms, dried fruit, olives, beans, peas, coconut, cereal and whole grain could be a good source of iron. Moreover, vitamin C in plant-based foods helps our body absorb iron more easily. In fact, your children can take in iron better from liver, chicken, eggs, seafood, beef and lamb when combined with a food high in vitamin C.

Iron is an important mineral for oxygen transportation to all parts of your body, especially blood and the brain. Kids are often at higher risks of iron deficiency simply because they need more amount of iron when going through growth spurts, which can cause weakness or even sickness which requires you to check with a baby thermometer.


When it comes to calcium, bones and teeth would be the first things come to your mind. This nutrient is generally essential for the maintenance and growth of these. A deficiency in this substance can result in abnormal heart rhythm, loss of appetite, lethargy, convulsion, muscle cramp or numbness in toes and fingers. You can easily find calcium in fish, tofu, broccoli, beans and especially dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, milk.


Iodine is basically an element of almost every living animal and plant, so you can easily find it in any sources, especially seafood. In addition, dairy products and egg can also be rich in iodine.

I am Nancy – a writer, blogger and mother of two beautiful kids. As a mom, I always try my best to apply skills, passions and personal strengths in each stage of their development. In, I am writing useful articles and dedicated reviews based on practical experience with taking care my children. Thus, I hope that these would help any parents to choose the best methods as well as suitable products in the process of raising their babies.

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  • Thanks for the wonderful information. I have 7 years old son and he doesnt eat any vegi meat etc. He only eat rice with potato and I m really worry about it. Is there any specific vitamin we should give him at this stage?

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