The Best Protein Shaker on the Market!

When it comes to drinking protein shakes, it sure does help to have a good protein shaker bottle. I’ve been supplementing with protein shakes for quite some time. I often have one as a mid morning or mid afternoon snack; and sometimes as a quick breakfast if I’m on the go.
I have finally found the best protein shaker bottle ever! PROMiXX Vortex Mixer is a super cool bottle that comes with a built in battery powered motor. You can now blend your shakes wherever you go. The shaker comes with it’s own  Micro-USB charging cable so you can constantly recharge it. I love having a blended shake whenever, wherever I want it. The shaker makes life with little kids so much easier!
 Protein powders come in many forms, plant based, soy, whey, brown rice and so on. Once you choose your favorite type, you can find individual packets or portion out a scoop from a larger tub. Most brands taste ok with just water, which is easiest for when you’re on the go. You can also use any milk, dairy or non-dairy for mixing. The biggest problem with shakes, though, tends to be the consistency. Having a good shaker bottle can really make for a better tasting shake. You want to blend the ingredients fully.
When you froth up your shakes, they are definitely tastier; but also more filling. Studies have shown drinks blended for  twice as long as necessary are drinken 12% less— and consumers felt fuller— than those who drank beverages blended for a shorter period. Blending is a no-calorie way to increase serving size by adding air, which helps fill your tummy. We also eat less when we are satisfied. I personally don’t like a bland shake that has no fullness to it. I’ve tried the mixer bottles with the little whisk ball inside, and they just don’t do the trick.
I also just love the look and feel of my PROMiXX blender bottle. It’s not bulky, it fits in my hand (some shaker bottles are too big) and it’s stylish. I often get compliments on it from fellow gym goers and yogis. For those who like to add additional powders such as greens or cocoa or maca, etc., the blender component really makes a difference. The next thing I am going to experiment with is adding fruit or ice. I am curiouse to see how the blade holds up when chopping fruit.  This is the best blender bottle for on the go that I have used. I normally make more elaborate smoothies when I’m at home and have more time.
It’s cute, my little twin babies often come over and steal sips from my shake when I’ve made a shake at home in the PROMiXX. Not sure if it’s because they want everything mom has, or that it is easy to drink from. The blender is leak proof and has the perfect size opening with a lid that shuts tight. I’ve gifted one to my niece and her husband who are intense cyclists in Idaho as well as to my nanny who is trying to lose some weight and makes herself a shake every day.
You can’t go wrong with the PROMiXX and it’s not too expensive either. I highly recommend getting one if you supplement with protein shakes and are on the go often. I love to travel with mine, so I can always have an emergency breakfast or snack that’s healthy and tasty. Would love to hear what your favorite shaker bottles are in the comments below!

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