Best Kids Gifts For the Holidays!

I love the holidays more than any time of year; and I especially love Christmas now that I have children. Seeing my boy’s joy and excitement on Christmas eve and Christmas morning makes me so happy. I love to give my boys gifts that keep on giving; and that can also foster their learning, development, health and well being.

Here is a list of my favorite new gifts this year that I’m sure you and your children will LOVE!

Chi Universe: Yoga Game Fun

Chi Universe’s yoga mat and game for kids is the perfect family fun that keeps everyone interested and active (especially during the winter months).

Chi Universe incorporates modern-day technology to create fun games for kids. The games even incorporate an app to help guide them as they play. Like any fun game, there are different levels you have to beat in order to move forward. Once you learn a specific pose and demonstrate it correctly kids earn “Chi” points and move up a level.

This educational game will not only help kids learn about the benefits of yoga; but also keep them active and having fun all winter long.

Educational Insights

Educational Insights creates and designs all kinds of educational games and toys for kids from the ages of 2-8. As well as games that the whole family can participate in. From telescopes and globes to walkie talkies and sentence building dominos they have every kind of present you could want for any kid you’re buying for this holiday season. Timothy and the twins have many of these games that they love; and I love how the games are educational and fun.

iPlay, iLearn Toys

iPlay, iLearn Toys are designed to let kids play and learn at the same time. My boys love to be active so this 2 in one baseball and tennis set is perfect for them. The set allows kids to learn about team-work, leadership, sportsmanship, and playing fair.

iPlay, ILearn’s awesome set includes a pitching machine, 1 remote-control baseball bat, a tennis racket and 6 balls. I love a toy that promotes athleticism, hand-eye coordination, and healthy exercise. I love this gift for any parent who wants to introduce sports into their kids’ lives and for any child 5 years of age or older.

ThinkFun Yoga Dice

Any game that teaches mindfulness and yoga, is definitely a gift worth giving. Think Fun’s yoga dice is a great present or stocking stuffer. The game includes: 6 six-sided Yoga Pose Dice, 6 Pose Tokens, 1 six-sided Breath Die. It also comes with: 1 Focus Token, Yoga Mat Game Track, Game-Go Bag and an Instruction Booklet (with Yoga Pose Descriptions). We take ours with us everywhere. I love how the entire family can play this game and it challenges Timothy physically, mentally and spiritually.

Kids Yoga

With winter officially here my boys are becoming more restless and keeping them active is a must all year round. I created a little yoga video for kids that helps them learn yoga poses and keeps them moving in a fun and informative way.

MOM HACK: Mama’s can always get a good workout in with their little ones while participating in the yoga posses too!

Give the Gift of Giving

Another amazing gift this season is to give money to a nonprofit to help families in need. You can donate gift boxes of high quality personal care items for babies, with a few things for the mamas too. Motherhood is such a hard job; it certainly is the most rewarding; but it can also feel lonely and hard sometimes. In Kind Boxes helps relieve some financial burden, while also letting moms know they’re not alone.

I know all of these gifts would put a smile on all my boy’s faces; and  I am sure they will do the same for all your littles. I hope these helped guide you in the direction you’re looking for when it comes to kid gifts this holiday season.

Happy holidays and happy shopping!

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