Best Cycling Stretch

One of my all time favorite stretches for the quads, hips flexors, psoas, shoulders and back, is this low lunge twist variation. This is an ideal stretch for cyclists, who log many hours hunched over their bikes, rounding their shoulders and shortening their hip flexors.

I also love this stretch for anyone who logs lots of hours slumped over their desks. Everyone can benefit from this pose, just remember to breathe deeply in the tight areas and use a towel or strap to catch the foot if you can’t reach it with your hand.

Warm up with a few sun salutations then step your right foot forward in to a lunge from downward-facing dog pose. Lower your left knee to the mat (place a towel under the knee or roll over your sticky mat if you feel too much pressure there) and let your left upper thigh lengthen towards the floor. Hop your right hand up to your right knee, elbow bent to the ceiling and twist to your right to open up your waist, shoulders, upper and lower back.

Next, reach back with your right hand, with the thumb up to ceiling and the front of shoulder open (as if you are hitchhiking), as you bend your left knee. Catch hold the top of your left foot and draw it in close to your left buttocks. Keep your lower abdominals held in and up to protect your lower back and feel the amazing stretch in the front of your entire left thigh, hip and groin region. Make sure to keep the chest open and shoulders relaxed down away from your ears. Hold for 5 to 8 breaths before stepping back to downward dog and then repeat with the left leg.

Perform this stretch after a long ride or spin class to relieve your tight quads and open up your chest and shoulders.

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