Best Anti-Colic Bottles for Your Baby to Buy in 2018

A baby’s cry may be a reaction to several situations and scenarios, like colic, the need to sleep or the need to eat. Colic is one of the greatest enemies for a newborn baby, it may make him cry uncontrollably for hours on end. This is a tough scenario when the mother feels helpless and desperate, trying to soothe the baby in every possible way.

A solution to this problem consists in choosing the right anti-colic bottle for your baby. Do your research carefully and make sure to pick the one that suits best you baby’s needs and your budget. On this topic, you can see more at MomCrib. When searching for an anti-colic bottle, you have to find a reliable, BPA-free bottle, with a good nipple flow. Therefore, we provide a list of the best bottles for your baby to prevent colic.

1.  Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle

Even if this bottle might be a little bit pricier than expected, the Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle is designed with a wide nipple base. Furthermore, it has a natural nipple feel and shape. Hence, it can help mothers switch from breastfeeding their baby to bottle-feeding. The anti-colic bottle features a squeezable and unique silicone feel.

Not only mothers seem to like this bottle, but babies, too. They can easily grip the bottle as they fed and the soft siliconefeels like their mother’s skin. Babies make chin, nose and cheek contact with the nipple base. This provides a reliable vacuum seal, just like a real breast. Instead of cleaning a long tube, you will only need to clean the two small vents located at the base of the nipple. Babies will no longer have gas issues thanks to the venting mechanism which works incredibly well.

2. Philips Avent

Some specialists argue that the best baby bottle is the Philips Avent. The bottle features an extra-soft nipple, mimicking the breastfeeding act. Hence, it is easier for the baby to latch on it. The anti-colic nipple flexes when the baby feeds on it. The nipple base is narrower compared to other baby bottles. The twin-valve venting system is ideal forpreventing colic, gas and air swallowing.

The wide nipple base offers the feel of a real breast while the wide neck is easy to clean. You can find both plastic and glass version of Philips Avent bottles. The ergonomic shape of the bottle helps little ones learn how to grip, holding their bottles by themselves.

3. Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Original Bottle

This baby bottle features an internal venting system. This helps in reducing colic and prevent gas and spit-up. Since the bottle is provided withcontrol flow, babies can feed at their own pace. Therefore, it nurtures a good digestion while also reducing feeding problems. You can choose between the glass version and the BPA-free plastic one.

The two-piece vent system that offers positive-pressure flow can be a bit difficult to clean. However, it is all worth since it has minimal leaking and that only happens in case you shake to mix formula. Dr. Brown also has the Options line of baby bottles. These bottles allow you to choose between using the bottle with or without the venting system.

4. Baby Brezza Bottle

Mothers are in love with the Baby Brezza Bottle. They are happy with the results. After using it, they have noticed a reduction in gas problems and colic. The baby bottle has a very wide mouth, making it easier for the baby to feed on. Furthermore, it is also an advantage for parents since it is easier to clean it.

The anti-colic bottle features a breast-like nipple, being extremely helpful for mothers who want to switch from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding. This bottle features an anti-colic vent system which is smartly developed so that your baby swallows milk, not air.

5. Evenflo Classic Glass Bottle

If you make this choice, you will be pleased to see your baby feeding by himself. This baby bottle makes is easier for little ones to hold while they feed, because it has an ergonomic twist design. The anti-colic bottle is made of food-grade materials approved by the FDA. The classic bottle has now been improved, and updated with Micro Air Vents.

These vents are meant to increase airflow. Furthermore, they also prevent nipple collapse. The standard neck size is extremely convenient since it fits many breast pumps. Therefore, mothers can easily pump the milk directly into the bottle. The useful vent system is anti-gas and anti-colic, promoting a good digestion for a happy and healthy baby.


When you are tired of dealing with your baby’s colic and gas problems, you know you have to change something. Purchasing an anti-colic baby bottle can spare you a lot of trouble and you will see your baby thriving and smiling. There are several brands which develop baby bottles especiallydesigned to mimic breastfeeding.

The shape of the nipple and the material used to produce them makes the difference, as well as the venting system. Now you can make sure that your baby no longer has problems while feeding. Furthermore, your little one will also learn how to grip, holding the bottle by themselves while feeding at their own pace.


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