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In honor of National Yoga Month, I thought I would list some of the benefits of yoga. There are so many amazing things yoga can do for us.

I would love for you to share with me how yoga has improved your life. Feel free to post comments below; and make sure to take advantage of the free yoga classes in your community throughout the month. For free events in NYC, check out post on “3 Awesome Ways to Celebrate Yoga.”

*Better Sleep
*Better Sex
*More Self-assurance
*More Balanced
*Better Concentration
*Easier to Walk in High Heels
*More Control over the Pelvic Floor
*Stronger Abs
*Deeper breath
*Happier Disposition
*Body Satisfaction
*Less Anxiety
*More Concentration
*Better Focus
*A Great Community
*Better Eating Habits
*Stronger Bones
*More Flexility
*Muscle Tone
*Better Skin
*Better Posture
*Good Role Model
*Stronger Abs
*Better Relationships
*Less Headaches
*Good Cross Training for all Other Sports

*Good Cross Training for Life!

The list could go on an on, so don’t forget to send me what benefits you’ve derived from your yoga practice. NAMASTE!

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