How to Benefit from Prenatal Yoga Without Leaving Your House

Once upon a time, it was believed pregnancy was a time of fragility. Society treated pregnant women as helpless incubators who would fall apart should they participate in anything minutely physically stressful. Women were encouraged to eat whatever they wanted whenever they wanted because the baby needed an abundance of calories.

Times have changed. Just as we now know pregnant women are stronger than once assumed, we also know eating for two is an outdated myth. Doctors and midwives also now recommend any woman who is expecting (and not high-risk) participate in regular exercise. Not only does this keep the mother healthy throughout the pregnancy, but it also prepares the body for the marathon event that is childbirth.

While there are many options, one of the most popular exercise programs among pregnant women is prenatal yoga. Prenatal yoga addresses some of the most common complaints of pregnancy. It helps to relieve back pain, stretches sore muscles and can even reduce heartburn.

The key to participating in prenatal yoga safely is to listen to your body, hold the poses for shorter than normal time periods, and don’t allow your body to get too warm. And, of course, if your doctor has concerns, you should always heed her advice.

In addition to the physical benefits, prenatal yoga also offers versatility of location. While you can certainly sign up for a local class through a yoga studio or gym, you can get the same (if not better) quality workout and instruction by staying home.

From DVDs to YouTube, your options are nearly endless. YouTube, in particular, allows you to explore prenatal yoga channels until you find a style you like and an instructor who motivates you.

Once you find an instructor or class you love, you can use BurnAlong, which allows you to personalize your routine and, if you want to, work out to live classes with your friends. With BurnAlong, you and your friends stay in your respective homes but can hear and see each other on your screens.

By engaging in prenatal yoga from home, you can also choose the time of day you exercise, something that isn’t necessarily possible with structured, studio-based classes. You can also choose yoga sessions based on how much time you want to spend working out, which means no matter how busy you are, there’s no excuse not to practice.

As your pregnancy progresses and your belly grows, your changing body will naturally slow down a bit. Conserving energy for your upcoming delivery is part of the biological process of pregnancy. Prenatal yoga from home keeps you from overdoing it while still getting regular exercise.

Prenatal yoga offers you a gentle, centered way to exercise throughout your pregnancy. It increases flexibility and strength while also positively impacting your sleep and mental health. Bringing a new life into the world is an enormous responsibility and an exciting adventure. Start motherhood off by taking care of the most important person in your baby’s life. And do it from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

How about you? What yoga pose have you found to be especially effective for your pregnant body?

About the Author: Cassie is a yoga enthusiast who works as a freelance writer, sharing her wisdom and enthusiasm with readers of all ages. Cassie believes yoga changes lives, from toddlers to the elderly. For more of her writing, visit eHealth Informer.





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