BendiGirl: Fitness for All Ages

BendiGirl: Fitness for All Ages

Bendigirl is a unique fusion approach to exercise, as well as a philosophy that embraces change, growth and positivity. Using several methods including yoga, pilates, and strength training offers greater benefits and a more efficient workout. It also acknowledges that your needs are different depending on your fitness level, phase in life, or even the day.

Kristin developed the Bendigirl method to help you feel better, stronger, and more vital.  The Bendigirl philosophy is based on the belief that exercise can be a fun, enjoyable part of our lives.

Most importantly, Bendigirl is for everyone. Kristin gives you expert support and guidance so that you can thrive. Bendigirl honors the disciplines of yoga and pilates, yet offers a refreshing approach that easily fits into our modern lives.


Bendigirl Yoga is designed not only to get girls in shape, but also to build their confidence and create positive habits that will last a lifetime. With a modern, pop soundtrack featuring all original music, Bendigirl Yoga brings energy and fun to an exercise form that kids (and their mothers) might otherwise consider too boring to take up. McGee’s ability to instruct without condescending helps make this a workout that young women can embrace as their own. Buy the DVD >

Private Session With Kristin

Enjoy a private yoga, Pilates, or personal training session with me in the comfort of your home, private studio, or location of your choice. I customize and tailor each session to each client’s needs. You get unique personal attention, support, and the encouragement to meet your fitness, health, and wellbeing goals. Are you ready to commit to your fitness goals and see real results?

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