Be Your Best Self with FAGE Lactose-Free Greek Yogurt

This post is sponsored by FAGE; all thoughts and opinions are my own.

What does living your best life look like?

For me, it’s waking up early and doing some yoga and meditation first thing. Then when the boys wake up we all snuggle on the couch. We talk about our dreams from the night before and go over the things we’re excited about for the day ahead. Then we all sit down to enjoy a yummy, healthy breakfast as a family.



FAGE BestSelf Greek Yogurt 

One of our favorite breakfast discoveries is the new lactose-free FAGE BestSelf Greek yogurt cups. The boys and I love to add them to our morning smoothies, have the yogurt in a bowl with some granola for an extra crunch to start our morning, or just eat them plain by themselves. They come in many flavors from blended fruit or vanilla to plain. My favorite is blueberry.

While I love my regular FAGE Total Greek yogurt, sometimes a lactose-free option is a great alternative. This lactose-free snack is really delicious and creamy and great for all families; especially those who have any lactose intolerance or for those simply looking for a great-tasting yogurt that can be easier on digestion. 

When you eat well, you feel good. Feeling good is how we live our best lives in my family! Eat good, feel good, do good. It’s simple and it works!

FAGE BestSelf lactose-free Greek yogurt can be a part of your day from morning to evening.



FAGE BestSelf Greek Yogurt Recipe

The boys and I love cooking, baking, and creating meals together. I’ll lay the yogurt out with bowls of toppings and let them create their own breakfast “sundae”. Or we make a delicious tzatziki recipe with the FAGE BestSelf Plain Greek yogurt.

1 5.3 oz container FAGE BestSelf Plain Greek Yogurt

1/4 cup finely chopped dill

1/4 cup fresh chopped cucumbers

Juice from one lemon

1 clove garlic minced

Salt and pepper

Combine all in a bowl and serve with toasted pita wedges or veggies!

FAGE BestSelf Greek Yogurt Flavors

FAGE BestSelf Greek yogurt comes in a variety of flavors like vanilla, peach, strawberry, and blueberry. The creamy plain and blended Greek yogurt options both come without the lactose. I love it when the boy’s friends come over and I don’t have to worry about lactose intolerances.

Being your best self means taking care of my body, treating it like a temple, and fueling it with natural ingredients. The new FAGE BestSelf Greek Yogurt has 100% natural ingredients. FAGE BestSelf Greek yogurt is Non-GMO Project Verified, protein-rich, low-fat, and made with milk from non-GMO fed cows.

The boys and I love starting our days with FAGE BestSelf as a reminder to live our best lives,  feel our best, and do our best.

For more information and to live your best life with these lactose-free Greek yogurt cups, check out the FAGE website.

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